Some tweaks let you tweak the theme/look of your iPhone/iPad. Some tweaks let you add functionality to the existing features/apps of your iPhone/iPad. But right at the intersection, there are some tweaks that alter the UI of iOS 7 beautifully while adding some core functionality to it.

These are the Cydia tweaks that make for an enhanced, better and subconsciously beautiful user-experience on iOS 7. We were running through some recently-launched Cydia tweaks and found these. These will not only alter the look or add a feature or two but will subconsciously enhance the way you use the iPhone/iPad productively.

UI Based Cydia Tweaks

1. Coono

Coono Cydia Tweak
Coono colors notifications on lockscreen and banner according to the app that pushes the notification. And it has been themed beautifully to integrate well with the flat and minimal iOS 7 color palette. As you can see in the screenshot, Coono will color notifications everywhere: banners, lockscreen and the NC. The color depends on the general color of the app that sends the notification (green for messages app, blue for Twitter etc.)

The functional part of this is that you don’t have to look at a notification’s tiny icon to figure out where that notification came from. Over time, this is so useful because you know where the notification comes from just as you read the content.

What’s even more interesting is that you can tweak a lot of it: transparency, brightness, and where it gets applied. For the lockscreen notification, you have a whole bunch of things you can configure.

Price: $1.50 / Repo: BigBoss

2. Eclipse

Eclipse Cydia Tweak
Welcome to the dark side. Eclipse is the much-awaited tweak that brings the dark-mode for iOS 7. One of the things you must have noted in iOS 7 is the overly-white interface that almost makes it very hard to get used to. Using the iPhone in a relatively dark environment is hard on the eyes and I find myself toning down the brightness completely many times.

Eclipse brings a system-wide dark theme for iOS 7 without relying on Winterboard. Every part of the UI has been taken care of and you even get an Orange-tint for navigation links and the message bubbles. You can also have the original blue tint too. Other text is colored light gray (almost white) while the backgrounds are defaulted to very dark gray (almost black). It’s easy on the eyes. There are a bunch of things to configure from the settings

Price: $0.99 / Repo: BigBoss

3. exKey

ExKey Cydia Tweak
exKey puts one extra row on the keyboard. It’s not a new concept (just like Coono isn’t). But the functionality is so useful that it earns a mention in this post. Definitely.

The reason exKey is useful is obvious: when you use numbers, you don’t have to switch to the numeric keypad every time. And since we use numbers only occasionally and limitedly, it’s a huge waste of time to keep hitting that alt-key to get to the numeric/symbol keypad.

exKey has one more advantage: the extra row adds more special symbols so you don’t have to tap on 123 and then on #+- just to type a “*”.

Price: $0.99 / Repo: BigBoss

4. TinyBar

If you use an iPhone 4/4s, one of the most annoying things about iOS 7’s banner notification is that it’s huge. It occupies a lot of space on top of the screen till you dismiss it (or it disappears). This can be an annoyance even on iPhone 5 if you are reading something that gets hidden due to banner notifications.

That’s why TinyBar is so useful. TinyBar reduces the size of the notification banner to fit just the height of the status bar. Makes more sense (and the whole idea is reminiscent of Android banner notifications, of course). If you want to streamline and tighten things up on your iPhone, TinyBar is a must-have tweak.

But that’s not the only thing about TinyBar. It comes with a lot of customization options for controlling the banner. So, you can configure:

  • How long the banner stays
  • The scroll speed of the banner text when the content is long spanning multiple lines
  • Show/hide sections on the banner like the icon, the title etc.

Price: Free / Repo: BigBoss

5. SimplePasscodeButtons

Simple Passcode Buttons Cydia Tweak
One of the most simplistic tweaks I’ve seen but it’s smart enough to vie for your attention. All that SimplePasscodeButtons does is removes text/numbers from the number pad you get to unlock your screen using a passcode.

If you have a passcode and are using it in front of others, you want some privacy. What if someone’s just snooping over your shoulder looking at what your passcode is? But what if there is no text over the keypad as you type the passcode? Even with empty buttons, you know what the combination is so you can tap the passcode easily but no one will be able to figure out what it is. If you take security highly, this tweak is a must-have along with BetterPasscodeKeypad which disables number-highlighting as you tap on a number.

Price: Free / Repo: BigBoss