5 Tips for Siri on iOS 7 You Can Try on Your iPhone/iPad

Siri not only got a makeover in iOS 7 but also a feature-upgrade that’s worthy of a good personal assistant.

Earlier last week, Siri finally came out of beta but as far as usage goes, it has been working fine for all users (on iPhone 4s, 5 and iPad 3/4 and now the new iPhone 5s). The new Siri in iOS 7 can do much more than simply answer your questions or add a reminder or call someone up. Here are some of the cool new things you can try with Siri in iOS 7:

Note that these things work in all iDevices that feature Siri by default.

Change Voice of Siri on iOS 7 from Male to Female and Vice-Versa

Siri’s voice is now much more “natural” with refined cadences but adding to this is the ability to have a male assistant now. Ladies, this one’s probably for you. You can change Siri’s voice gender.

To change the Gender of Siri follow the below given instructions:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Now tap on Siri
  • Tap on Voice Gender
  • Choose Male to change the voice

Change Voice of Siri on iOS 7

Open App Settings

You know that Siri can be used to open apps. “Siri, open Safari” will dutifully open Safari app on your iPhone and iPad. But now, “Open Safari Settings” will take you directly to the settings page for Safari. In fact, you can apply that to any app that is listed in the Settings page. “Open Mailbox settings” – aye, sir. Opened.

To do this, you have to say “Open <APPNAME> Settings.”

Control Wifi, Brightness, Volume etc.

This is probably old news but the interface is interesting here. When you ask Siri to “reduce brightness”, “turn off Wi-fi” etc., it will present you with a slider or a switch. Also, controlling things has become easy as Siri instantly recognizes what action you want to perform.

Search Google instead of Bing

“Siri, search for <SOMETHING>” brings up results from Bing. You can of course ask Siri to do a Wikipedia Search too but if you’re not a fan of Bing and would stick to Google, Siri is not going to prevent you.

All you do is tell Siri “Google <SOMETHING>” and you will be shown Google results instead of Bing. Replacing “Search” with “Google” isn’t a huge thing, is it?

Teach Siri to Pronounce

If your name is not one of the staple names that are easy to pronounce, Siri most likely will get the pronunciation wrong. But you can teach Siri to pronounce your name correctly.

  • When Siri gets your name wrong, just tell her: “That is not how you pronounce <NAME>”
  • Siri will now let you pronounce it.
  • It will process it and produce results that you can pick from.