Things to do Before You Sell Your Old iPhone/iPad [Important Tips]

When something new comes, the old automatically finds its way to retire peacefully. This might sound rather philosophical, but the world of technology sticks to the sanctity of this unwritten rule.

The case in point here is iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – the two upcoming smartphones from the house of Apple. As the two phones are likely to be released in countries like the US, the UK and Germany, markets are warming up to welcome Apple’s latest products.

Things to Consider Before You Sell iPhone or iPad

But before you go for any of the two, you have to sell your old iPhones. Probably, you are the owners of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and you must be looking for some good resell value.

But before you sell your iPad or iPhone to anyone, you need to make sure you have it cleaned digitally. It’s obvious to miss a few things so we hope you’ll use this as a checklist. Tick the things out as and when you’re done with them.


Needless to say, your first job is to backup all data. This should take very little time actually if you regularly backup your iPad or iPhone via iTunes (or iCloud). Although an iCloud backup should be just fine, I have this craving to have a physical iTunes backup all the time. Somehow, that feels safer.

First off, if you do iCloud backups, go to Settings → iCloud → Storage & Backup → and tap on Backup Now.

For iTunes, connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer, fire up iTunes and select your device. Under the Summary tab, make sure ‘Backup this device to the computer’ is enabled and Sync your iDevice. Backups should be done.


If you have setup iCloud, it controls quite a lot of data on the iPad/iPhone. In many cases, the moment you sign out of the iCloud account, a lot of data disappears from the iPad/iPhone so you don’t have to remove them manually. That’s why it’s easier to start this way.

  • Go to iCloud and tap on your account ID.
  • Tap on Sign out to logout of the iCloud account.

You might also repeat the process for Settings → iTunes & App Store where you will be logged in.


Although the last part of this checklist should actually get all things done, it is better to remove data individually just to be sure. Once you have all the backup, we’ll start removing data and accounts from the iDevice. The first step is removing photos, videos, media content and other files from your iDevice.

  • Go into your Photos app and erase all photos and videos from all folders. Don’t worry: you have backups already.
  • Repeat the process for whatever app you can reset.

When you have iCloud disabled, you can also go ahead and delete apps individually. This process is automated via General → Reset but it’s a safer premise to erase data manually.

Apple Music

After much fanfare, Apple has released its Apple Music on the occasion of iOS 9 release. And this service has received overwhelming response from the music lovers across the world. Many must have subscribed to this service and downloaded songs and saved the same on Apple Music. So before you buy your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, make sure that you carry all your songs from the existing one to the new iPhone. For this, take backup of your iPhone on iTunes and all your purchased music will be stored; from iTunes, you will be able to restore on your newly purchased iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.


Not leaving any user session logged in is an important part of online security for your accounts. When you delete an app like Facebook, you are effectively signing out too (because the next time it is installed on the iPad, the user will have to sign in again) but it’s safer to log out and sign out of all user accounts.

There aren’t going to be many apps where you have signed in: apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Gmail, YouTube etc.


By the time you remove all apps and data, your iPad and iPhone should almost look like a new one. Next up is clearing out things internally with the iOS itself.

  • Go to Settings → General → Reset
  • Tap on Reset All Settings
  • Once your iPad/iPhone restarts, head back to Reset again.
  • Tap on Erase All Content and Settings

That is about it. Your iPad or iPhone should now be ready to be sold.

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