Cydia tweaks are really interesting. Each developer seems to push the limits of iOS 7's functionality and add more value to the platform. You think that there's some sort of a feature missing from iOS 7 and out comes a tweak that fulfills that particular feature.

That you can tweak almost every aspect of iOS 7 is possible only when you have jailbroken your iPhone/iPad. This week, we saw a bunch of new tweaks and one major update to a popular tweak from Intelliborn.

We think that these are really interesting tweaks you should try:

Best iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks Released This Week


Repo: BigBoss | Price: $1.49

Vertex redefines the way your switcher looks. It adds elements from the Control Center to the  task switcher so that you can not only switch between and control apps but you can also toggle some of the things in the Control Center (brightness, volume, music player etc.). Vertex kind of gels well with Control Center tweaks like CCToggles too. You won't be able to access the shortcut toggles from the task switcher but that's the only limitation.

IntelliScreenX 7

Repo: BigBoss | Price: $9.99

IntelliScreenX 7 is the upgrade to IntelliScreenX everyone's been waiting for. The tweak requires a completely separate review of its own for all the features that it comes with. Briefly, the tweak has a ton of things that you can configure: it puts a lot of information on the lockscreen with the ability to act on the notifications instantly. A new feature added to the recent update is called ‘Slide' which lets you access your favorite apps quicker with the swipe gesture on the homescreen. The tweak also comes with the Messages+ app which lets you reply to SMS/iMessages from anywhere.

Ringing Pocket

Repo: BigBoss | Price: $1.99

Ringing Pocket is for users who feel that the ringing volume on the iPhone is too low when it's in the pockets. There's a decent level of customization here: you can choose the amplification level, the time lapse before it starts ringing louder and a couple of other things. But I don't see the point of pricing the tweak so much when it could easily be a $0.99 tweak.


Repo: BigBoss  Price: Free

We covered filmSearch in our list of Cydia tweaks for the Spotlight search feature on iOS 7. The tweak adds the ability to search for films right from within the Spotlight with the only catch being that you should have the IMDb app installed. filmSearch's results will take you directly to the film's info page on IMBd. It's a must-have for film buffs of all kinds.


Repo: BigBoss | Price: $1.49

Of the tweaks we saw this week, HUDCustomizer is probably the coolest. It comes with such a large array of customization options for the HUD (Ringer Volume, Headphone volume etc.) that you'll be swamped with choices. HUDCustomizer will let you customize almost every aspect of the heads-up displays that show up, ranging from the position to the size.