Ah, the magic of the holidays! Tree lightings, chestnut roastings, hot chocolate and cheer abound! Also: to-do lists, screaming children, your favorite family members, Black Friday battles, and general crazy-making.

The holidays are a fantastic time, but let’s be real – they also have the tendency to double our work and stress load. Luckily in our modern day we have the glory of apps to help manage the cray. Here’s a breakdown of the top iPhone/iPad apps to help keep you sane this holiday season.

Best iPhone Apps for Perfect Holidays

5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Stress Free During This Holiday Season

#1. TripIt

TripIt iPhone App IconIf you’re traveling over the holidays, TripIt is a must to keep your travel plans on track. TripIt organizes all your travel plans in one place and gives you a detailed itinerary accessible anytime, on any device. Simply forward your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to plans at tripit.com and they’ll create an instant itinerary. Bonus: if you use Gmail or Google Maps it happens automatically.

The app will also give you directions and maps for each destination, sync with your calendars, and make it easy to share any portion of your plans via email or social.

Price: Free
Download TripIt

#2. younity

younity iPhone App IconWhether you’re visiting family or at the annual company party, you may find yourself needing access to all sorts of files or media stored back on your computer at home. younity turns your computer into a personal streaming service, so you can access all your music, movies/video, and photos while you’re on the go.

Kids growing restless on that long drive to your in-laws’ house? younity can stream their favorite movies at home, right to your phone. Family wants to see the photo albums from your vacation last summer? younity will stream your Apple Photos or Adobe Lightroom catalogs on-demand. And if you want to listen to your favorite iTunes playlist on that long flight, younity lets you download it to listen when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Price: Free
Download younity

#3. Instacart

Instacart iPhone App IconNeed to go grocery shopping but can’t pull away from the decorating, Christmas shopping, or last-minute work deadlines? With Instacart you can order your groceries online, schedule your delivery, and have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Forget fighting long lines or parking congestion headaches. You can opt for delivery in as little as an hour, or whenever you want them. One thing to keep in mind is alcohol isn’t available at all markets, so make sure you check beforehand.

Price: Free
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#4. Shop Savvy

ShopSavvy iPhone App IconSave yourself from the Black Friday madness and experience the hassle and mob-free world of Shop Savvy. The Shop Savvy app helps you search and compare all the best online and prices and reviews. Just add your Christmas list items to the app and it will bring up the best prices around so you don’t have to hop from one crowded parking lot to another. You can also use Shop Savvy’s barcode scanner to price match when you’re in a store, and set alerts when your favorite products go on sale.

Price: Free
Download Shop Savvy

#5. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit iPhone App IconNo matter how much you prepare, the holidays always come chock-full of tasks. You know, that seemingly never-ending list of errands that grows with each day leading up to Christmas. TaskRabbit is an app (and website) that connects you to people who can help with all those to-do’s. And really- it’s ALL the to-do’s: handymen, house cleaners, furniture assembly, closet organizers, yard work, the list goes on! You can even find people to help with your holiday party.

Once you post a task, you’ll see hourly rates for the “Taskers” who are most qualified for your job. The entire process is handled securely online, so no need to have cash on-hand.

Price: Free
Download TaskRabbit

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