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With over 9 million iPhones 5s/5c sold, the search for good iPhone 5s/5c cases is on. While almost every major/minor case makers has begun selling iPhone 5c cases to cash in on the demand, it's kind of hard to land the right kind of a case for a colorful iPhone 5c.

Here's a bunch of iPhone 5c cases that we picked across niche lines. This list has a variety of cases ranging from tough military-grade case to a cool-looking ultra-thin “air” case.

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Check it out before you choose your pick:

Best Light Weight & Stylish iPhone 5c Cases

#1. Spigen iPhone 5c Ultra Thin Air

Spigen iPhone 5c Ultra Thin Air

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This is one of the perfect iPhone 5c cases if you're looking for slim, light-weight, and transparent cases to show off the color on your iPhone. This makes most sense too because the colors are to flaunt, after all. At a $10 cheaper than Apple's stock iPhone 5c covers, for users who are usually careful with their iPhones, Spigen's Ultra Thin Air is perfect.

Price: $19.99 ($8.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#2. Pandamimi iPhone 5c case From ULAK

Pandamimi iPhone 5c case from ULAKPandamimi has a colorful appearance. It has been crafted with quality material and offers your iPhone 5c all the much-needed protection from accidental damage or bump. The screen protector keeps your phone safe from ugly scratches. It also comes with a stylus to offer you more freedom of using your device.

The perfect cut-outs ensure you don’t have any difficulty while using your phone. Besides, it makes sure your device continues to shine with the case on. It is available in white and water red.

Price: $12.99 [$11.49 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Order it from Amazon.com

#3. Luvvitt Armor Shell

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Luvvitt Armor Shell iPhone 5c CaseA TPU shock absorbing shell for the iPhone 5c wasn't expected this early but here they are. On the spec sheet, the Luvvitt Armor shell looks every bit strong and protective – with features that are comparable to those of the best armor shells. Probably one of the few affordable armor shells out there.

Price: $19.95
Check the specs on Luvvitt Armor Shell here.

#4. iGlaze Remix Case for iPhone 5c

iGlaze Remix Case for iPhone 5ciGlaze Remix is on the list because it looks cool. It's like the holes in Apple's cases were filled. And some. The case isn't up for sale yet but you can bookmark it if you feel that it fits your taste. There are six color options but not very close to the original Apple colors. The specs aren't in detail.

Price: Unknown
Here's iGlaze Remix

#5. Slimline Poetic Case

Slimline Poetic Case for iPhone 5c CaseSlimline from Poetic is a folder-type case that's designed to be thin, lightweight and cheaper than most other iPhone 5c cases. The foldable design is such that you can use it as a landscape-oriented stand (good for watching videos on the iPhone). The case is made of high-grade, flexible PU plastic. It's also a magnetic flip, so you're mostly looking at a case that protects your iPhone wholly (both front and back).

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Price: $4.95
Checkout Slimline from Poetic

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