There is something for everyone on the iTunes Store. That is why it is segregated into various categories. One of its most popular categories is business. There are a number of apps for this category using which the businessmen can derive maximum benefits.

Quite a ton of businesses and people use these apps to enhance their productivity, boost their sales charts, make better plans etc. Apps help a lot in these cases.

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The right set of tools can be enormously helpful. That’s precisely what apps do. Let us take a look at five best iPad apps for business:

1 .iBrainstorm

iBrainstorm iPad AppReplace the boring, drab whiteboard in your boardroom with iBrainstorm app. The free app from Universal Mind, is a “creative, collaborative tool” using which you can brainstorm with your team mates/colleagues during meetings. Use Bluetooth to share your notes, arrange them as per your requirement or scribble and draw on the board on the high resolution iPad screen making the entire brainstorming session interactive and lively for all the participants.

Price: Free
Download iBrainstorm

Best iPad Apps for Business

2. Minimal Folio

Minimal Folio iPad AppLeave an impression on your potential clients with just a few taps and swipes using the Minimal Folio app, which brings with itself a basketful of features. Use this app to add images, PDFs or video through your email or via iTunes and arrange them neatly into columns on your iPad device and arrange for a presentation in a jiffy.

The best part of the app is that you can use the iPad device itself as a tool for presentation sans any screen or projectors (although you can use them if the need arises) and carry on with your presentation smoothly without worrying about any sort of technical glitches.

It provides other useful features as well such as – managing multiple portfolios, Cloud sync to multiple devices with Dropbox or transfer files with iTunes.

Price: $2.99
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3. Keynote

Apple Keynote iPad AppAnother presentation app designed for the iPad app is Keynote.  Make high-end presentations with this app and earn accolades form your clients. The app allows you to present your topic using various elements such as various charts (animated and 3D) and transitions and can view the slides and notes made, using the ‘Presenter Display’ on your iPad device.

You can also choose to display your presentation either on your iPad or use ‘video mirroring’ to display the same on an HDTV; and since the app works with iCloud, you can keep all your presentations up to date automatically on your iOS devices. Also, you can print your presentation using the AirPrint feature via a wireless printer.

Price: $9.99
Download Keynote

4. Bloomberg for iPad

Bloomberg for iPadBloomberg for iPad is an app that provides you all the business and finance data, the latest market updates and portfolio tracking tools from trusted sources. This app fits the bill perfectly for those of you who don’t have the time to sit in front of the TV and view the latest news about the market.

Catch up with the latest market news and data (spanning major Equity Indices, Futures, Commodities, Bonds or Currencies) and use tools using which you can track companies and indices over time. Additionally, you can view top videos consisting of biggest business stories doing the round and get podcasts straight from Bloomberg Radio.

Price: Free
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5. VabletLite

Vablet iPad AppVablet is an app for enterprise content management. You can instantly upload any content (documents, PDFs, HD videos etc.) related to your business/enterprise to a single device or your entire network without worrying about security as the app provides high security and is ideal for handling sensitive files.

Also, it uses push technology, wherein content is pushed rather than pulled from servers; this helps you save time from logging in and searching for files on a server. Your files are always updated and available round the clock. Additionally, you can use the app to wipe out your content and/or block the device in case of certain emergencies (loss of device or termination of employee).

Use the above mentioned apps to increase your business productivity and leave an impression upon your clients.

Price: Free
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