What do you get when you cross Jason Bourne and Julia Child? You get Timothy Ferriss- a genius chef who, through his book, teaches us much more than just cooking.

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The 4-Hour Chef Freebie

What’s so awesome about it?

Timothy Ferriss is a passionate chef who believes in cooking from the heart. Through his book, you will learn a lot more than just cooking.

  • You can learn about meta-learning – the art of learning to learn.
  • You gain an understanding of the building blocks of cooking.
  • You’re allowed to get wild – learn to hunt, forage and survive.
  • Go beyond this book with advice from people who are ‘best in the world’ at what they do.

What’s the big deal about this book?

Timothy Ferriss, the author, has been listed by Fast Company as “One of the most innovative business people.”

Forbes Magazine says his is one of the “Names you Need to Know,” the book is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Yes, one more thing… IT'S FREAKIN' FREE!!!

How do you get it?

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Is that all?

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