3D Touch Tips and Tricks for Videos App on iPhone 6s/6s Plus to Use the App Like a Pro

Get the preview of TV shows, music videos, movies and continue watching videos from Home screen with the help of 3D Touch feature available in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

3D Touch feature has revolutionized the way users have been interacting with iPhones. Now they can quickly reach out to some functions without opening some apps from Home screen of the phone. This feature saves a lot of your time especially when you are on the go. This feature was introduced in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; since then, iPhone users have extensively explored this feature.

Though people know the basic features and functions of 3D Touch, there are some tips and tricks for stock Video app users are not familiar with. The video is something people love to watch frequently on their iPhones, and therefore, they have to open the app quite often. Thankfully, 3D Touch feature comes to your rescue to make the most of your Video app.

3D Touch Tips and Tricks for Videos App on iPhone 6s-6s Plus

3D Touch Tips and Tricks for Stock Video App on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Note that the tips and tricks mentioned here are not just limited to stock Video app, but you can explore while using Movies, Music Videos, TV Shows, etc.

Continue viewing videos from Home screen

There are many instances when you have to discontinue watching videos for some reasons. So the next time, you would like to continue watching videos from where you left (this can save a lot of your time). With 3D Touch feature, you can watch the remaining video directly from the Home screen of your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Continue viewing videos from iPhone 6s Home screen

Press and hold Video app on Home screen of your device. A menu will pop up there, and it will show you four most recently watched videos. The list will also include videos you haven’t finished watching, videos you have watched completely, downloaded from iTunes Store and videos you never started watching.

iOS offers you the facility to synchronize viewing history across all devices; this enables you to start looking at a movie on other devices like Apple TV. The menu which is seen upon hard pressing the Video app also shows time remaining for each video. For example, you are watching a video of one and half hours, and you stop watching it after one hour. So when you press and hold the Video app next time, the list will show 30 minutes remaining on that video.

Get a Preview of Movies

3D Touch also plays a significant role in watching Movies you have downloaded to the device. All you need is to tap the Movies tab from the bottom. To get a preview of a movie, gently press in the movie list. If you want to open the file in the full-screen mode, press a little harder.

Preview of Music Videos

Preview Music Videos on iPhone 6s-6s Plus with 3D Touch

There isn’t any difference between the preview of music videos and movies you have downloaded on your device or available on the cloud. Simply press a particular Music Video with a gentle tap; this will show a preview of the music video. Go full screen with a little harder press.

You can also take a preview of your personal video clips with the help of 3D Touch feature; however, you will have to synchronize those clips from iTunes on your computer.

Preview of TV Shows

You can also get a preview of TV Shows of your choice as you have seen movies and music videos earlier in this information. Either you can watch them from the cloud or the TV Shows button at the bottom of the screen of iTunes Store. Gently tap on the entire series or individual episodes to get a preview. Press a little harder to watch the item in full screen.

Thus, you can explore the features of 3D Touch tips and tricks for stock Video app. You can share some more tips and tricks related to 3D Touch. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.