Rated as one of the top ten iPhone apps on App Store and awarded as App Store Best of 2014 by Apple in more than 80 countries around the world, 24me is your smart personal assistant that makes your life easy by managing your calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts. While iGeeksBlog has already dedicated a post on the features of this wonderful app, here we want to tell you about its latest feature.

24me Personal Assistant iPhone AppForecast: A New Entrant to 24me

24me, in collaboration with WeatherPlanner, has today released a revolutionary addition to its iOS app – Forecast. The new feature gives users a weather outlook for the next 365 days, enabling them to plan their events, activities, trips & special moments well in advance.

What Does Forecast Do?

The Forecast gives customized, long-range weather details in the tools, websites and apps people use to make their lives comfortable. This new technology uses historical data of more than 100 years and prepares weather report based on a patented process using algorithms that predict weather trends for the next 365 days.

Why Forecast is Necessary on your iPhone and iPad?

When something is not in our hands, it can wreak havoc in our life. Weather is something that we can’t control, and therefore, before any small or big event or activity, we have to consider its power to make or mar the occasion. When people are planning something big in advance, there are so many choices go into consideration; selection of clothes, food items, sport activities, modes of transportation, theme of events and lot more. While your budget plays crucial role in your planning, weather can actually turn everything upside down if you do not value its significance.

With Forecast on your iDevice, you can easily plan your event and manage your time efficiently. Take the right decisions with the help of a year-long outlook for every day on your calendar. With more certainty on weather, you can plan all your important activities easily. WeatherPlanner’s state-of-the-art technology makes it more trustworthy.

This app is also compatible with Apple Watch.

Price: Free
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