Kuo Buzz: 2021 iPhone Models to Have Face ID & Under-Screen Touch ID

Apple 2021 iPhone Models to feature Face ID and Under-Screen Touch ID for more protection and security says Kuo in a media buzz pointing at Qualcomm's technology.

Stop Press: News just in from 9to5mac crediting top Apple Analyst Kuo Ming Chi who informs that Apple iPhone 2021 models will have Face ID and under-screen Touch ID.

Kuo says the Cupertino giant has a good lead time of about 18 months to figure out both these important features that will go a long way to provide privacy and security to the user.

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Apple iPhone Face ID Feature Has Been Perfected Overtime in Identifying User

Your Face is the password says Apple regarding Face ID which is a facial recognition feature in Apple iPhones and its other products.

Its engine is run on some of the most sophisticated technologies — the TrueDepth camera system, the Secure Enclave, and the Neural Engine as the website informs.

Current iPhone models recognize the owner even when he wears a hat, or glasses or makes facial changes, which speaks volumes of the level of perfection the product has achieved, and the company has incorporated in its products.

No need to remember passwords and typing them out, which is cumbersome and in some cases, problematic, just in case you forget them!

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2021 iPhone Models With Qualcomm’s Under-Screen Touch ID Will Scan in Large Area

Regarding the button-less under-screen Touch ID, the news noted specific features like power consumption, size of the sensing area, the thickness of the sensing module, and the production yield rate of the lamination process, which will form the set of challenges while adopting the latest technology.

A variant of Qualcomm‘s ultrasonic fingerprint-under-display system is likely to be deployed by Apple that facilitates finger positioning over a large surface area of the screen to scan.

Apple Future iPhones to Be Technology & Feature Rich

As the news winds down, it hints at under-display fingerprint scanner to replace Face ID facial recognition camera in an Apple Watch that will improve its biometrics in the future.

Facial identification and fingerprint recognition are complementary features, according to Kuo.

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He feels that Apple may want them to be brought out, together to offer an exceptional experience.

Well, there is a lot to talk on Apple 2021 iPhone models bringing new Face ID, under-screen Touch ID, cameras, new bionics and host of upcoming features, as we have a good time to go.

How good is your take on these features? Do let us know as we prowl for more on this and related information on new Apple 2021 iPhone models.

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