2020 Apple iPhones To Have 3D-Sensor Camera and ToF Technology for AR/VR Experience

2020 Apple iPhones To Be AR/VR Compatible With 3D-Sensor and Time-of-Flight Technology-Based Rear Camera To Improve Consumer Experience.

As the discussion rages on the kind of camera and technology Apple iPhones from 2020 will carry, we are now getting the latest buzz on it.

First, let’s talk about the camera technology in the present bouquet of Apple iPhone mobiles. Checking out on Apple iPhone XS model, the official website gives technical information regarding its camera technology.

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2020 iPhones to Have 3D-Sensor, ToF Technology Rear Camera For AR/VR Functions

Today, DigiTimes informs that “Apple has intimated its supply chain partners to provide ‘Time-of-Flight’ 3D sensing camera system based on VCSEL – vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser technology, for its 2020 iPhones. This technology is similar to the current TrueDepth camera located in the front. This also facilitates Face ID.”

Apple iPhones for 2020 are expected to have a rear camera with the 3D-sensing system to offer hi-fi 3D photos, ideally suited for latest augmented reality functionality. ToF system is operable for longer distance to map out 3D images, unlike present TrueDepth cameras that work in short distance.

Apple iPhones models for 2020 are likely to ensure commercial success for the company. While bringing out marketplace winner iPhone models running on Time-of-Flight 3D sensing rear Camera run on VCSEL technology, it will also its consumers AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality) compatible entertainment and other experiences.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan has recently predicted that OLED displays and 5G modems of 2020 iPhones can bring sales growth for the company. In an earlier despatch, DigiTimes had also confirmed three iPhones with OLED screens of three different sizes (5.42″, 6.06″ and 6.67″) for the next year.

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Are you ready for AR/VR experience through Apple iPhones? Meantime, lay back and tell us on other features you wish in your forthcoming 2020 iPhones? And do keep coming back for more…..

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