Apple 2020 iPhones May Have 120Hz Displays Eyeing Gaming Fanatics

Gaming fans know well that speed thrills and if Apple 2020 iPhones get 120Hz touch-sensing power display, it may just prove that. Other features like triple-lens camera, OLED display panel & ToF can power AR/VR experience.

Only a Gamer can imagine the thrill of gaming run on faster and smoother refresh rates of displays as seen in gaming-centric smartphones like Razer. To be the best in class for 2020, Apple iPhones will require to offer more as the buzz goes loud on the gaming front.

Apple iPhones X, XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR were already possessing 120Hz touch-sensing power whereas the screen refresh rate was hovering at about 60Hz to prove a drag on visual experience that hurts gamers the most. With 120Hz display as per the latest tweet by @Ice universe, Apple 2020 iPhones will be ready for gamers to match up in their games played over the current lot.

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Gaming ‘High’ on Apple 2020 iPhones with AR/VR Agenda

We have already carried the news about OLED Display Panels being sourced by Apple from Samsung for their 2020 iPhones and to give it a prop – a phone with a triple-lens camera or foldable iPhones may just be around the corner. In contention for the supply of AMOLED displays are two majors that we now see very clear – Samsung and LG even though the latter had rumored delivery issues.

Combined with much-discussed ToF (Time-of-Flight 3D sensing rear camera run on VCSEL technology), Apple 2020 iPhones will unveil fantastic AR/VR ‘delights’ for ‘true’ gaming experience. Another news also confirmed for three iPhones (5.42″, 6.06″ and 6.67″ sizes) with OLED screens for the next year.

Gaming is ‘Top of the Mind Activity’ and Apple iPhone with 120Hz display will raise it all

Friends, gaming as we all know, is among the ‘top of the mind activity’ of Apple iPhone users as the Deloitte report suggests confirming that 53% of people born between 1983 and 1996 now pay for gaming services, versus 51% who pay for television.

Apple iPhone 2020 models will definitely try to cater to this ardent gaming followers providing them enhanced refresh rate through switchable 120Hz display as seen in 2017 released iPads that sported LED Retina ProMotion displays instead of OLED display missing out on individually-lit pixels, perfect blacks, and low power consumption.

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It is possibly the first for Apple iPhones in 2020 to go for 120Hz displays that may aspire to raise adrenaline among gamers. So, the end game is probably cast, and you expect more through AR/VR visual treats in Apple iPhones for 2020. Are you getting there?

As an Apple iPhone fanatic, I am not letting this go anywhere. Come September, and 2019 Apple iPhone may spring some surprises, and as we wait for the 2020 models, you will definitely join me in this hope of expecting a smoother, faster and a more powerful Apple iPhone next year?

Suraj Padmasali
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