2019 iPhone Models With M9 OLED Display Used in Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple's 2019 iPhone Models will have M9 OLED Displays, the one used in Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10, says The Elec. Overbearing trade wars, supply chain disruptions & other concerns may hamper the sourcing.

Apple 2019 iPhone models arriving in September will have M9 Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display screen material, just like ones used in Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10, said Korean media TheElec, yesterday.

Apple iPhones use Samsung OLED displays that play an essential role in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

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Samsung-Apple Fallout Affects Both The Giants

Apple has contracted with Samsung for the supply of 100 million iPhone OLED displays each year under an agreement. However, it all ended up in legal disputes over both parties accusing each other on terms of the contract as conveyed by ZDNet in its recent report.

Samsung accused Apple of not picking up the contracted numbers leading to inventory stockpile of OLED displays resulting in financial losses to the tune of hundreds of billions of won – 100 billion won is around $86m, or £67m.

Due to this, Samsung operating profits dropped from 5.7 trillion won in 2017 to 2.62 trillion won in 2018 in a massive setback. It claimed that Apple’s non-lifting of OLED displays was on account of weak Apple iPhone demand in the global markets.

Apple, on the other hand, disputed over the quality of the display screens supplied, leading to their cracking and other issues. Apple first released the iPhone X with OLED panels in 2017, and the Samsung OLED Display made up for Apple-specific material set was called LT2. The iPhone XS series OLED panel launched in 2018 carried OLED displays also made of LT2 material set.

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Now, that both the parties have arrived at an amicable settlement and Apple would start using Samsung OLED displays for its new iPhones, come September.

Quoting industry sources, The Elec says “On the 15th, the new iPhone, which is scheduled to be released in the second half, will be equipped with an OLED panel made of ‘M9′ material set applied to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. Samsung Display had a dedicated material set named ‘LT2’ for the first iPhone OLED in 2017.”

2019 iPhone Models to Have M9 Material OLED Display

It notes that the best and the latest display material is used for the top-end models of Samsung mobile phones. Later, they are passed on to the lower-priced ones as time goes.

Apple has decided to go for the green luminous M9 material display set for the new 2019 iPhone Models. Thus, there will be a demand for the material which will have to be sourced by Samsung from Nippon Nippon Steel Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. (NSCM), Japan.

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But, wait, here there is a catch! Japan and South Korea trade spat have blown literally out of proportions heading to no immediate resolution. There is no clarity yet about the repercussions of the disputes, but industry watchers are pretty glum about it all.

The big question industry watchers ask is how the South Korean giant Samsung will arrange to supply the OLED displays for Apple to manufacture new iPhone 2019 and 2020 models?

Rumors also claim that Apple seeks alternate display screen sources for its new iPhone models that may go beyond the September annual fare launch, next month.

Trade wars, supply chain disruptions, intra-company disputes, and what-not; are not letting up. Only time will tell as to how both the giants – Apple and Samsung team-up in serving the common interests of their respective global clientele.

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