2019 iPhone Likely to Have 4000mAh Battery

Another rumor about future iPhones! This time, the gossip engine is installed in China. A microblogging website from China shared some details about the battery life of second generation iPhone XS Max. Read the full story…

In a very unlikely rumor shared by Weibo user C Technology, second-generation iPhone XS Max is reportedly coming up with 4000mAh battery capacity.

Apart from this strong battery, the sketchy rumor also suggests that 2019 iPhone might be released with 15W wireless charging, 3X Telephoto camera, and 120Hz display.

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Vague Details of iPhone 2019 Shared on Weibo

Notably, the next iPhone XS Max is called the 2019 iPhone to have a triple-lens camera. Though this was circulated by a reliable source, the additional details shared on Weibo post seem far from reality.

As per the post, Apple will supposedly use a wide-angle lens, a super wide-angle lens, and a 3x telephoto lens.

If we believe this rumor for a moment, it would indicate that Apple is imitating the design of Huawei P20 Pro, which also has two wide-angle lenses and a telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. Apple will never follow in anybody’s footsteps as the company has always remained a trendsetter for others.

A 4000mAh battery is very unlikely as the form factor of the phone is not changing. Apple is not likely to introduce any change in the design of its 2019 iPhone as it will be similar to the 2018 devices. However, Apple fans can expect some changes in the rear camera and some tweaks in front-facing TrueDepth camera as the company is planning to reduce the notch size.

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Other reported features in the second-generation iPhone XS Max are 15W wireless charging and 120Hz display.

If Apple manufactures iPhones with 15W wireless charging, it will be an exponential growth from the current 7.5W wireless charging speed.

120Hz ProMotion display is available currently in iPad Pro, which delivers a smooth and more responsive experience. Hence, there is a chance Apple may bring this feature to future iPhones.

Summing up…

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Though C Technology is known to have shared early iPhone details, we cannot rely on the information amassed by the Weibo user as the details are collected from different sources, and some details are accurate while others are inaccurate. Let other sources come up with some concrete information about 2019 iPhones.

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