1byone Wax Polished Genuine Leather Phone Case for iPhone 6, $22.99, Now $ 17.99 with Coupon

I am pretty good at multitasking; handling 2 to 3 tasks at my workplace and my home is a cake walk for me. But while managing my wallet and iPhone simultaneously, I usually end messing up. Sincerely speaking, it’s just impossible to handle both – wallet and iPhone – when you are juggling between your pockets. Further, while going for a formal event, the weight in both the front pockets looks awkward in front of my colleagues.

The anxiety of carrying the iPhone with a style always persists when you can’t miss your wallet. So, I was impatiently looking for such an option, which gives me a perfect solution, once and for all.

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And at last, I got the flip style leather wallet case by 1byone for iPhone 6 Plus. I’m sharing my review of the fantastic case.

1byone Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Wallet- Discrete and Sizeable

When I had the first glance, I thought it would have enough space to carry all my credit cards, driving license and cash. But when I flipped it, I was dumbfounded. There are three glaring vertical slots.

Now I can easily carry my driving license, business card and credit cards with utmost ease. A concealed fourth slot just below the vertical slots is spacious and open enough to carry cash safely. My wallet is all organized and easy to use while I answer the calls on iPhone 6.

Protection with Grace

1byone Leather Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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The looks are just startling. The genuine leather, wax polished gleaming wallet case not only gives a smooth touch but also steals some jealous glances.

Talking about protection; the iPhone is simply under all-round shelter of the wallet. For a rough user like me, the dual material construction and a durable PC frame are essentials for protection against abrasions and shocks.

To avoid any hustle while I’m multitasking, the precise cut-outs make all the features easily accessible. Furthermore, the flip-style magnetic wrap not only reassures the security but also performs a handy stand function while I watch some interesting videos on my iPhone.

Backpackers – Not allowed

You just can’t ignore the other side of the coin, if you are flipping. It will carry all your cards and cash with your iPhone, but wallet case material is not for backpackers. The sun will corrupt the leather material on your long hikes. The rains are excluded from the all-around protection list. If the case is exposed to the damp or rainy atmosphere, the leather would stink or may become gooey.

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1byone Wallet Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

But if you travel in your car constantly, as I do, and want to give up juggling between your pockets, 1byonce is the best leather wallet case I can recommend.

Colors: Red, Brown and Black
Price:  $52.99 [$22.99 on Amazon while we are writing this, you can get additional $5 off by applying coupon code LZX74HQO (this coupon is valid until 31 October 2015)]
Buy Red Color Case from Amazon.
Buy Brown Color Case from Amazon.com.
Buy Black Color Case from Amazon.com.

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