1byone: 3100mAh iPhone 6/6s Rainbow Battery Charger Case and Bumper Case with Coupon Codes

Get a 1byone protective case and a battery case for your iPhone 6 and 6s at discount price. Own some style and strength for your smartphone and keep it charged always.

Modern life throws many challenges to us; from dawn to dusk, we are running to achieve something. Our professional and personal aims never allow us to settle. We need to interact with people – directly or indirectly.

While face-to-face interaction hardly takes place during weekends, it is largely indirect interactions that we enjoy on our smart devices. For these virtual meetings, you need to energize yourself as well as your communication devices.

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1ByOne Battery And Bumper Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

And therefore, makers of accessories come up with unique products. 1byone has crafted two beautiful protective cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users. One is a battery case for iPhone 6 and other is a simple, easy to grip protective case for iPhone 6 and 6s.

1byone Rainbow iPhone 6 Battery Case

1byOne Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

As mentioned above, we are constantly running for something. During our serious endeavors, we hardly notice that our devices too are running, but they are running short of battery. Hence, a battery case can be your reliable companion while you are on the go. 1byone can give you an edge over other battery cases made for iPhones.

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Quickly charge your iPhone

In this fast-paced age, you can’t afford to stay behind. Even if it is your battery case, it should charge your iPhone as fast as possible. 1byone iPhone 6 battery case does just the job. Apart from protecting your precious phone, this battery case charges your iPhone at lightning speed. The case is powered by 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery, which gives 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 6. This will further allow you to enjoy talk time of more than 14 hours and web browsing time of over 10 hours.

Please note that due to additional batteries being charged, the overall charging process will take longer than charging just the iPhone 6 alone.

Design & Color

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1ByOne Rainbow Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

How good it is if you could charge your iPhone 6 without taking the case off? Experience this benefit that you can’t get from any other battery case. One more benefit is that you can charge your iPhone 6 as well as this battery case simultaneously. This happens due to its amazing design that helps you use this product to the full. Colors can impress you in more than one way. Give your eyes a visual treat by 7 changeable frames of red, black, white, yellow, blue, green and pink colors. Doll up your iPhone 6 differently on each day of the week. Flaunt a different color and make your friends & colleagues jealous. If you want to use all the colors in a single day, change the frame according to your mood.


Aesthetics alone wouldn’t satisfy any iPhone lover. Beauty can be vulnerable but strength can sustain the vagaries of time. And therefore, this 1byone iPhone 6 battery case boasts 360-degree comprehensive bumper design. The battery case is made of hard-shell back plate, which safeguards your iPhone from scratches and other routine minor accidents. However, this robust build doesn’t take toll on convenience of keeping your iPhone in your hand or in pocket. Finally, no more worries about short-circuit as protective IC circuit avoids any such situation. The battery case is made to resist extreme conditions like over-charge and malfunction.

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For a communication device that beats all competitors in technical excellence, you need accessories that are equally sound in technology. 1byone battery case for iPhone 6 has sync-through technology; with this feature, an iPhone 6 user can sync his iPhone to a computer or laptop without removing battery case from the device. Moreover, with its micro USB cable, users can charge iPhone and battery case at the same time.

Price: $89.99 | $42.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.  [Use coupon code MPIZRLB9 and grab it just for $32.99]
Note: Coupon code is valid till 26-October-2015
Buy it from 1byone.com.

1ByOne iPhone 6/6s Protective Bumper Case

1byone presents iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s protective case that provides ultimate protection to your smartphone. This case gives you easy-to-grip flexible soft touch, unique design, new material, sufficient protection, dedicated workmanship and custom-made vision.

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Unique Design

1byOne Bumper Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

Many accessories brands claim to have crafted unique designs, but a few can fulfill their promises. Not in the case of 1byone. This protective case walks the walk, i.e. it keeps the promise it made. You can use this case as protection to your iPhone and to keep your credit cards; it can be a good substitute of your wallet. The protective case flaunts a refined two-piece sliding design, vivid colors, and long-lasting protection, and that is what you want to have for your iPhone. The case is available in two eye-catching colours: Mint and Red.


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1ByOne TPU Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

A product’s success depends on the material used to manufacture it. If the product is made of fragile raw material, it is certainly going to find itself in a trashcan very soon. 1byone has crafted this iPhone 6/6s protective case with non-slippery and dirt-resistant material; this provides the case a good touch-feel and long life. The soft fabric interior of this case provides protection to your iPhone against scratches and tears of daily life. Its semi-flexible material and form fitting guard your phone from shock. At the same time, the case holds your iPhone 6/6s tightly.


When it comes to protection, every consumer is ready to shell out more money. But guys, you fret not! 1byone doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and still provides your iPhone sufficient 360-degree protection; this includes protection for each side, every corner and full screen protection. Its frame keeps the iPhone screen safe; the edges of this case embrace your phone in such a way that even if you put your phone facedown on a flat surface, its screen will not get scratched or damaged.


Appreciate the workmanship in this iPhone 6/6s protective case. There are so many things that go into making a humble protective case. Precise cutout is the need of the hour, because if consumers are not able to access to buttons, controls, speakers and ports easily, the very purpose of buying a protective case is killed. 1oneby protective case offers perfect fit for your iPhone 6/6s; you can comfortably access all controls quickly. Thanks to its dedicated workmanship!

Price: $22.99 | $9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this. [Use coupon code 4D6BOICY and grab it just for $5.99]
Note: Coupon code is valid till 28-October-2015
Buy it from 1byone.com.

All in all, the two cases are a good buy for any iPhone lover. The cases, one battery case and other protective case, have many excellent features to fulfill your expectations.

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