10 iPhone 6/6 Plus Tips To Get More Productive with Your iPhone

Apple introduced a ton of new changes in iOS 8. More interestingly, the larger devices – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – come with some special features to enable easy accessibility. There are device-specific features that can help you use your iPhone 6/6+ better, more productively.

Check out these tips. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But it can be a start: whether you’re new to the iPhone ecosystem or if you’re upgrading from iPhone 5/5s, these tips can be handy and useful when it comes to getting more productive with your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

1. Display Zoom: For Larger Icons & Text

In iPhone 6 and 6+, you have an option called Display Zoom which basically zooms the screen so that the icons and the font look a little bit larger. The way it works is simple:

  • on the iPhone 6, when you turn on Display Zoom, the homescreen UI is that of an iPhone 5 zoomed up to fit the screen of an iPhone 6.
  • on the iPhone 6 Plus, it is the UI of an iPhone 6 zoomed up to fit the screen of the iPhone 6+.

To enable:

  • Open Settings -> Display & Brightness*
  • Under the label Display Zoom, tap on View
  • You can swipe right or tap on the Zoomed tab to enable Display Zoom.

Turning on off Display Zoom on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The change is kind of subtle but the icons and text are bigger. Folks with some difficulty reading the fine text on their iPhones 6 or 6+ can use this.

Check out more on Display Zoom here.

2. Reachability: For Accessibility

Reachability is an iPhone 6/6+-specific feature, designed to let users reach the top parts of the screen without having to use both the hands. With Reachability, you can use your iPhone 6/6+ in one hand and still be able to tap on the icons and menu options on top of the screen.

To use:

  • Double tap (not press/click*, just tap twice) on the home button.

To enable:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and switch on Reachability.

Enable Reachability on Your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The screen should slide down half-way. Now you can tap on the top portions of the screen.

3. Use Swype: Faster Typing

With the option of third-party keyboards, you can now add keypads like Swype and SwiftKey that support swipe-based typing. For some, this is one of the fastest ways to type. You should make use of third-party keypads to get more productive at typing.

Here’s how to install and add third-party keypads to your iPhone 6/6+.

4. Read Mail better on iPhone 6+ (Landscape mode)

iPhone 6+ works a little like the iPad when it comes to the interface. This helps in one important app: Mail.

  • When you set your iPhone 6+ in landscape mode, you get side-panes just as in the iPad. You can then easily manage mail better (and multi-task too).

5. Shoot videos at 60fps

On the iPhone 6 and 6+, Apple notched up the camera to be able to record videos at 60fps. This is not enabled by default though (the default is 30fps). You can enable the 60fps mode like so:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Photos & Camera
  • Scroll down and under the label Camera, turn on the switch for Record videos at 60fps

6. Enable/Disable QuickType quickly

On your iPhone 6/6+ (actually, this works on all iOS 8 devices), you have QuickType which predicts words as you type them. If this feels annoying (because it occupies some space above the keypad), you can turn it off (or hide it) easily. Here’s how:

  • To hide, just swipe down on the predictive text section over the keypad. You can open it back again by swiping up over the tiny handle.
  • To disable, tap and hold on the globe icon. Then, turn off the switch labeled Predictive.

Predictive Typing QuickType Toggle In Keyboard in iOS 8 Beta 5

7. Clear History in Safari now with more options

In the history tab in Safari’s bookmarks option, you can now clear history selectively. if you swipe on a history item, you can delete that alone.

In the history tab, when you tap on Clear, you get more options like clear history for the past hour, day, week or the whole history.

8. Reply Notifications in Mail

When you send a mail and are expecting a reply, you no longer have to keep checking your email every once in a while. You can setup reply notifications so that when you get a reply to a particular mail/thread, you will be notified. Here’s how to set it up:

Set up Mail Reply Notifications in iOS 8

  • Open the thread/conversation in the Mail app
  • Tap on the flag icon
  • Tap on Notify Me

Here’s more on it.

9. Multitasking in Mail

One big benefit of the larger screens in iPhone 6 and 6+ is that you can now multitask in the Mail app when you are sending an email. You can jump between an email and a new compose window easily. This is useful when you are composing an email based on data from another email(s).

  • When you are composing a new email, just swipe down on the new mail window. It will ‘minimize’ to the bottom.
  • To bring it back up, just tap on it.

10. Re-arrange share sheet options

Another new customization option is the share sheet. The share sheet is the list of options you get when you tap on the share icon. You can change the order or turn off some options from this list now.

To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Tap on the share icon (in any app) to open up the share sheet
  • Swipe to the last (swipe left) and tap on More
  • Use the sorting-handles to sort the options.
  • Where there’s a switch, you can toggle that to turn on/off the particular option from the share sheet.