You never get tired of looking at the variety of Cydia tweaks you can have once you've jailbroken your iPhone. It's true that jailbreaking really opens up the doors to have some amazing features on your iPhone which you can't even think of without a jailbreak.

To those who have taken the leap and jailbroken their iDevices, I'm sure you're having a great time using tweaks like Auxo, NCSettings, Winterboard themes and more. But with a plethora of tweaks, chances are high that you might have missed several cool tweaks along the way.10 Best Cydia Tweaks to TryBut then, that is why websites like iGeeksBlog exist: to explore interesting Cydia tweaks and if they appeal to you – both in terms of functionality and looks – to get them! We've covered a variety of Cydia tweaks on our blog and yet, that list is never going to end.


10 more interesting Cydia tweaks that you should definitely try out today:

#1. Flashorama

Taking a panorama shot? You probably notice that the iPhone doesn't enable the flash (there's no option). But what if you want the flash for a pano shot? That's precisely where Flashorama comes in. It keeps the flash on even when you take panorama so brightness is served for indoor panoramas that you are trying out. It's free – and available on BigBoss.

#2. tsLock O

tsLock O is a orientation locker. You probably know that you can lock the iPhone in portrait orientation (double press Home -> swipe right -> tap on the left-most icon). But what if you want to lock in the landscape mode? tsLock O allows you to do just that. Check out the video:

#3. RespringCache Fix

RespringCacheFix isn't an ‘exciting' tweak that does something tangible but it's one of the most important tweaks ever. Every time you respring your device (Winterboard themes, installs, tweak changes, updates etc.), there are few files stored which we'll call cache. This cache eats up your iPhone's space and may slow down the phone or some of the tweaks/apps. It's always good to clear this cache and there's one easy way to do that: by downloading and using RespringCacheFix.

#4. MuteIcon

MuteIcon is a simple and highly functional tweak. You know there's really no way to figure out if your iPhone is on the silent mode by looking at the display. You either look at the side of the iPhone or just figure it out when you get a call but no sound. That's why MuteIcon is great: it puts a small mute icon on the status bar to let you know that your iPhone won't ring when a call comes in.

#5. iKeywi

There's one thing missing from the iPhone's keypad and that thing is actually costing you a lot of time. On a typical keyboard, you type the numbers and symbols easily. On an iPhone keypad, you have to switch to the numeric pad every time you need to type a number or a symbol. iKeywi puts that fifth row right on top of your usual keypad and this row has all the numbers and most symbols that are used frequently. Very useful.

#6. BatteryPeek

Want to save some space on the status bar but still want the battery percentage indicator? Well, Batterypeek (in combination with an Activator gesture) can easily get that done. What you do is hide the indicator and have a gesture (like double-tap status bar) to show the battery percentage for a couple of seconds. This way you save space on the status bar for other interesting stuff.

#7. FlagPaint

How would it be if the color of the notification banners changed to the color of the app. Like pink for iTunes, green for Messages, blue for Facebook and more? Well, that's precisely what FlagPaint does. It's a really eye-candy sort of a tweak because it does nothing more but it's so cool that I've got it on my iPhone even now.

#8. TorchNC

TorchNC is a simple tweak which adds a ‘Tap to Torch' button on your notification center. Just like the ‘Tap to Tweet' or ‘Tap to Share' button, this one works like a charm and is in fact a very useful feature in the dark. TorchNC lets you switch on the flashlight from your notification center to be used as a torch in the dark. Simple, elegant and neatly executed.

#9. TypeStatus

TypeStatus is one of the coolest tweaks that I've ever seen/used. It's so nifty and it's such a beautiful concept. You know that when you chat with a friend over iMessage, you get to see those ellipsis when they are typing a message. TypeStatus puts this ellipses right on the status bar so even when you've closed down the Messages app, you get to see when someone is typing a new reply/message to you via iMessage. Of course, this uses your data (or Wifi) and has a little impact on the battery. Still, awesome tweak.

#10. InstaSave

InstaSave – made by the same developer who created TorchNC (and Kamera too) – lets you open Instagram quickly. It's for people who have a lot of apps and folders and finding Instagram out of the bunch is hard. Think of it like a shortcut to Instagram from your notification center.

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