This “iWatch” Patent Timing Is Controversial: Here’s Why

This is tangible evidence that Apple is thinking and possibly working on something like an iWatch. AppleInsider reports on a new patent Apple filed for. Although the patent is about a very futuristic device which is more of a slap bracelet-based design, this means two things: Apple is definitely onto something in the wearable computing world and Apple probably has already cracked the iWatch code.

We’ve been posting a ton of stuff (not really; that was just a phrase) on iWatch lately. We just did, a few hours ago, a 10-reasons-why cover on how iWatch is good for Apple. And interestingly, this patent thing came up on our radars.


Apple Insider’s report contains very clear details on what the slap-bracelet is designed to be. It’s not unlike a watch but the whole thing has a large display (about 85% of the gadget appears to be a screen). There are kinetic receptors to gather energy, wireless antennas, battery and a connector. It vaguely looks like an add-on device for your iPhone. Apparently, the technology uses the curved glass thing extensively but there are pointers to other materials too.

iWatch Patent

I mean, even Velcro is mentioned for a possible attachment points when you try to slap the watch thing around your wrist.

But what really interests the user is this:


With a touch screen user input a user can accomplish a number of different tasks including adjusting the order of a current playlist, and reviewing a list of recent phone calls. A response to a current text message can even be managed given a simple virtual keyboard configuration across the face of the flexible display.

Apple iWatch Patent

What This Really Means For Us
Assumptions or lessons from patents are kind of funny. Apple and many other companies file for a ton of patents most of which never make it to reality. This could be one of them. But what’s really interesting is that Apple has been thinking and working on a watch-like technology.

In fact, one can safely assume that those rumors about iWatch going into production this year may be actually true! The thing is, if the patent points to a futuristic technology, the guys might actually be working on something credible/tangible today. And an iWatch which is not as fancy as this slap-bracelet thing but definitely cool and usable could be on the charts for 2013/2014.

Controversial Timing
The timing of the patent filing seems very controversial though. I mean why did Apple have to release the patent at a time when iWatch rumors are doing the rounds? Is it just pure coincidence? Calculated coincidence? Or is Apple trying to put us all out of track while it focuses on some other super-secret project? ITV, may be?

Who knows? If you do (or even if you don’t) tell us what you think about it!

Source: AppleInsider