Like they say, it’s time for some really interesting speculation. Ever since Apple broke the mold of the routine yearly product launch cycles for the iPad, speculations have been aplenty. You’ve most certainly heard of all the rumors surrounding the iPad 5 release date. (along with those of iPad Mini 2). Experts believe that iPad 5 would come out in March although an October release still seems more like it.

One of the coolest things about all this is – and I like this part specifically – the mock-ups that get built based on the rumored speculations.

In our case, the iPad 5 is speculated to be a blown-up version of the iPad Mini: similar bezel, similar form-factor and similar comfort.

I was one of those people to actually criticize the small bezel on the sides of iPad Mini but apparently, Apple played it right. Early rumors predict that iPad 5 would have pretty much the same type of a (thinner) bezel although the display remains at a comfortable 9.7”.iPad 5 ImagesMacRumors teamed up with CiccaresDesign to produce beautiful mockups of the iPad 5 based on the design rumors and speculations that have been floating around. The images look realistic – pretty much like all the other mockups that we’ve seen – and suffice it to say that we’re looking at a proportionately-blown-up version of the iPad Mini.

Folks from Digitimes and other sources have been repeatedly hinting at this type of a design. Sometime back there were reported “leaks” (published as photos on 5 PictureHow iPad 5 Look alikeiPad 5 ImageComparison mocksup of the iPad 5 show that you’re going to have a narrower device. The shorter bezel makes the device-width shorter. As to how good this will feel in your hands, only time will tell. But for the moment, the iPad 5 looks as stunning as ever.

Now all it will take for Apple to stay ahead (it has almost always stayed ahead in the tablet market) is to give us something really stunning both in hardware specs as well as in iOS. There’s a ton of change needed there.