Many software have come and gone, promising to clear up space on your iPhone.

Things really pile up a lot on the iPhone just like on the computer: browsing cache, app cache, unwanted files, no-longer-needed temp files, bad/empty/corrupt files, cookies that may be potential dangerous, cookies that are no longer useful…

Well, you get the drift right? There’s a ton of data on your iPhone that is mostly not needed but is still using up a lot of space on your iPhone. Sometimes, this runs into several giga-bytes and that can be messy.

Cleaning out all the weed can be easy with software like PhoneClean. If you’ve known iMobie, they’ve been producing some amazing software for the iPhone like AnyTrans, PhoneTrans etc. Their PhoneClean was a really cool piece of software and this one came up in our radar once again recently after it got updated to 2.0.2.

PhoneClean helps you clean your iPhone and reclaim free space. En masse.

Phoneclean Logo

Here’s what it clears out:

  • Junk files that get created while you install, run or use an app
  • Offline files
  • Browser cache
  • App cache
  • Script files (web)
  • Cookies
  • Sync-failed media files
  • Partial downloads

There’s a ton of stuff that’s just lying around on your iPhone which can be cleared to reclaim a lot of space. PhoneClean gets that done.

What I particularly like about the software is how easy it is to clear things from your iPhone without losing any data or app. PhoneClean works like one of the basic cache cleaners in Windows. It doesn’t touch important or sensitive information or files so there’s really no risk here.

Further, the level of control goes a few layers deep. For instance, you can choose the apps for which you want to clear the cache. This helps especially if you are not too sure of what happens when cache or offline data is erased out of an app.

Put simply, PhoneClean “just works” and that’s what makes it a great piece of software. You’ve got an iPhone and need some space (or tons of it), PhoneClean is what you use.