There it is again. Another update; another problem.

Battery issues seem to be plaguing several users as Apple pushed a patch update to its firmware, iOS. The recent iOS 6.0.2 – released just a day ago – has led to several users facing battery issues in their iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

It’s frustrating to note that updates to firmwares bring more problems – especially in the battery – instead of plugging these issues.

Adam Engst of TidBITS points out that he first noticed battery drain after the update in his iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. We’ve been scouring the discussion forums (Apple) and elsewhere and there has been a considerable level of cases where the battery issue has affected these two models. The iOS 6.0.2 was issued for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini only.iPhone-5-Battery-LifeHow to Save Battery in iPhone 5:
Now, if you’re facing battery issues, we suggest you go through our coverage on how you can save more battery time on the iPhone 5. If you’ve not updated to iOS 6.0.2, we suggest that you don’t update now. Apple – although this is unofficial – seems to be working on it. They removed a support note issued along with the iOS 6.0.2 update so we have reasons to believe that they may be working towards a patch.

Take a look at our earlier post about iOS 6 battery issues which will give you an idea of how you can save the battery through various methods.

Why Is There A Battery Issue Anyway?
Reports suggest that Apple, in its attempt to fix the Wi-Fi issues plaguing the whole iOS 6.x ecosystem, played the game a tad too hard. The Wi-Fi, apparently, appears to be working overtime to make sure you stay online and in the process, the iPhone/iPad Mini shed more battery.

While it isn’t as simplified as it sounds, it sure is a huge step backwards for Apple. Every one of its updates since iOS 5 has been pushing the battery life down for a lot of users.