One thing that Apple does bad is not having a self-timer on the iPhone camera. It’s such a simple feature and yet, these guys haven’t decided to add that one. I mean, think about it: we’ve got Panorama, we’ve got HDR, we’ve got the grids too. But self-timer?

But of course, there are apps. Camera+ was one of the first pro-apps that let you user timers for the camera. It still does and does it much better than most other apps. However, let’s say you’re like me and think that a simple feature like this shouldn’t cost me a dollar. So the first thing you do is look for apps. Free apps. Free iPhone camera self-timer apps that are simple and get the job done without all the extra fluff.

iPhone Self Timer Camera Apps

That’s what we got for you: free iPhone camera self-timer apps you can try right away.

1. GorillaCam
GorillaCam would get our vote for the best self-time camera app built for the iPhone. It has a wonderful interface, playful at its best and perfect for the quick user who doesn’t bother with manuals. It also has a burst mode. The shutter speed can be set between 1-120 seconds.

Download GorillaCam

2. TimerCam
TimerCam is another awesome self-timer for the iPhone. It has a wonderful interface and the self-timer gives delays of 5 to 30 seconds (5, 10, 15, 30). It supports the front-camera too. It’s pretty good by the way because it has a similar ease-of-use as the GorillaCam.

Download TimerCam

3. Camera Timer!
Nothing vastly different from other apps, Camera Timer! is another wonderful app that gives you the ability to delay the shutter. It’s generally considered a decent app.

Download Camera Timer!

4. Auto Shutter 2.0
Auto Shutter 2.0 is an old app and although it’s not primarily a self-timer app, it has the feature and you can use that. There aren’t very many shutter-delay related features (partly because the app’s focus is elsewhere), but the whole thing just works fine.

Download Auto Shutter 2.0

5. CamTime Cydia Tweak
In case you’re not really looking to have an additional app just for the self-timer, there’s a cool free tweak available from Cydia. It’s called CamTime and it lets you add a timer to iPhone’s stock camera! The tweak puts a timer “icon” on the camera app.
CamTime is available on BigBoss for free.