Did you know that your iPhone can turn into a webcam that you can use to stream live video in chats? Sure, you can do video chats right on the iPhone using apps like Skype but then, that’s going to be at a cost: you either don’t get the good quality of the iSight camera, or if you use it, you don’t get to see the other person.

Fine, what’s the solution? Turn your iPhone into a webcam for your system. Things are as simple as they sound thanks to a few apps that are designed to turn your iPhone into a webcamera that you can use for all your video chats on programs like Skype, MSN, Hangouts in Google+ etc.

Here are four outstanding iPhone webcam apps:

1. EpocCam by Kinoni

EpocCam iPhone Webcam AppPrice; Free (HD version available)
Apps that turn your iPhone into a webcam aren’t usually free. The good ones are sold at over 3 dollars apiece. Interestingly, this version of EpocCam is free and comes with a neat set of features. The performance isn’t all that great but it’s passable. The HD version is an epic one though: has everything you’ll possibly need.

Download EpocCam

2. WebCamera by Shape GmbH

WebCamera iPhone AppPrice: $3.99
WebCamera by Shape is a very popular and powerful iPhone webcam app. This app is one of the few extremely professional apps for the iPhone that takes the business of turning your iPhone into a webcam very seriously. The video quality, modes, latency are all really good. Ultimately, it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

Download WebCamera

3. PocketCam by Senstic

PocketCam iPhone AppPrice: $4.99
PocketCam is a nifty tool that does pretty much what every other app on this list does. You get the option of choosing modes (portrait and landscape) so the video is aligned better. The latency/lag is pretty decent (~0.5s) in PocketCam so it’s certainly a good app to go with. The quality of the video is acceptably good.

Download PocketCam

4. iWebcamera by drahtwerk

iWebcamera iPhone AppPrice: $4.99
iWebcamera is yet another very popular app when it comes to turning your iPhone into a webcam. The prominent USPs are ease of use, a built-in manual so if anything goes wrong, you can instantly figure that out, some cool YouBlue effect that swaps red and blue colors and a strong support. There’s a bit of a lag here too but you’ll probably get used to it before the folks fix it.

Download iWebcamera