A belt clip is a fantastic utility when you don’t like carrying a large smartphone in your pockets. I mean, the iPhone 4 and 4S were okay but the iPhone 5/5s changes the equations: it’s comfortably large for usage but not so for carrying around in pockets. And I am not a fan of carrying around the smartphone in one hand either.

So belt clips, as you might have guessed, turn out to be the perfect solution. Taking a cursory look around the market revealed some really good candidates for iPhone 5/5s cases with belt clip. Dive in:

Best iPhone 5 Belt Clip Cases

5 Best iPhone 5/5s Belt Clip Cases:

1. Mohawk Slim-Profile Leather Case

MOHAWK Slim Profile Leather iPhone 5 Case

Mohawk from Splash Products is an amazing work. The iPhone 5/5s case is slim, sleek but sturdy too. It is a simple but elegant case for the iPhone that is specifically designed with the belt clip holster. There are other variants too – like Mohawk II and Alpha I & II that you can try. The belt clip is a rotating one and the there’s convenient access to the iPhone.

Price: $29.99
Buy Mohawk from Splash

2. Laterale from Sena Cases

Sena Laterale iPhone 5 Cases

Sena Cases are well-known for their ultra-high grade leather cases and this one is specifically for a comfortable and cushy experience. The case functions as much like Mohawk but the design is super simplistic while bearing all the features of a high-end leather case. Typical Sena Cases style.

Price: $39.99
Buy Sena Laterale from here or Amazon


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3. Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case

Griffin is known for the amazing variety of iPhone 5/5s cases and this one – the Survivor range – is a testimony to its commitment to producing quality iPhone 5/5s cases. The case is great if you’re looking for belt clip but even more awesome if you’re looking for the finest protection ever. Sure, there’s some bulk added to your slim iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, but if you’re after protection, this is the case to buy.

Price: $49.99 (+shipping) ($24.93 On Amazon)
Buy Griffin Survivor iPhone 5/5s case from GriffinTechnology.com or Amazon.com

4. Otterbox Rugged

Otterbox Rugged iPhone 5 Case

Otterbox needs no introduction. The Defender series comes up in our radar often and the one with the belt clip is the case you’ll love if you’re looking to protect your iPhone 5/5s smartly. Unlike Griffin’s Survivor cases, this case isn’t all that bulky. A good choice for the smart iPhone 5 user.

Price: $49.95 ($40.80 on Amazon)
Buy Otterbox Rugged iPhone 5/5s case from Otterbox.com or Amazon.com.

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5. Roots Vertical Leather Case

Roots Vertical Leather iPhone 5 Case
Roots is an off-beat, not-so-popular case but definitely worth all that it costs because it’s a vertical case with a belt clip. The case isn’t specifically designed for it but works with the iPhone 5/5s too. It’s up for sale on Amazon too (in case you’re looking for saving options and shipments to other countries).

Price: $ 29.95
Buy Roots Vertical Leather Case

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  • Steve Lee

    Griffin broke easily within a week of having it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/testone.testtwo.338 Noel Smith

    Clip or no clip Love my EDGE Design Alfa case

  • http://www.facebook.com/testone.testtwo.338 Noel Smith

    With or without clip my EDGE case is the best case I have had. http://www.edge-design.com