Talks about the iPad 5 surfaced again; this time too from analysts watching the Apple tech space for new product launches, announcements and technology changes. Gene Muster, the popular Piper Jaffray analyst, writes about the iPad 5’s release date, speculating that you might get to see the new gadget in March or April.

A few weeks back we posted on new leaks of what could possibly be iPad 5’s backplate. The design analysis showed clearly that the next iPad would have an iPad Mini-inspired framework. This allows shorter bezels, lighter body and an overall thin design that has become some kind of a fetish at Apple. Thinner and lighter is the driving force.

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Munster seems to have analyzed past releases dating back from as far as 2009. Although his predictions stem from a baseline statistical analysis, he may be right because it seems very natural that Apple should keep the usual Spring release window for the iPad as it has almost always been. The previous upgrade to the iPad came in October along with the iPad Mini but that was a minor upgrade. It was more in line to keep the current crop of products compatible with the lightning dock. May be a few processor concerns but still, the iPad 4 was, by all measures, still an upgrade and not a new product of its own.

However, if Apple is planning to launch the iPad 5 this year (which it would be), it would make much sense for a March/April release as Munster predicts.

One, it would fall in line with the previous iPad releases. Two, it will keep Apple’s iPad ahead in the market space for tablets. Three, it will be a good thing for potential customers who have kept from buying the upgraded iPad (4) in anticipation of the iPad 5.

“We believe the most likely scenario is an event in between the two, i.e. March or April .” – Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray.

There has been very little talk about the iPad 5 features apart from the Mini-inspired design which would purportedly make the gadget lighter and thinner.

As is the case in these things, we’re looking at predictions that may or may not turn out to be real. But from a sales and PLC point of view, it looks very probably that the iPad 5 will be released in March/April 2013.