iPad 5 Features Might Include Wireless Charging? Smart Cover Patents Reveal More

iPad 5 Features Might Include Wireless Charging? Smart Cover Patents Reveal More

New patents revealed by the U.S Patent office show that Apple has solid plans to have wireless charging on its iPads (which may be extended to iPhones too). In a new set of patent information that Patently Apple posted recently, we found that there’s a good level of thought going into the production of iPad Smart covers that also double up as wireless chargers for the iPad.

It is highly unclear whether this feature would be available in the iPad 5, the next version of the iPad expected sometime around April.

The patents depict a set of iPad smart covers that are designed to hold and provide power through a series of inductors and other circuits. The smart cover becomes truly smart with a lot of adaptive features being built right into the system.


For instance, the smart cover has to figure out the orientation of the iPad, the smart cover itself and the relative positions of the gadget and the cover. All these lead to different types of behaviors.

The iPad smart cover depicted in the patents is capable of inductive charging. Inductive charging is the formal precursor to wireless charging and if in case Apple has been serious about this, chances are high that the iPad 5′s smart cover might feature this particular spec. However, since we’ve not heard any rumors about altered or new internal components in the iPad 5, there’s no clue about this feature.

It should be noted that the patent was actually filed in Q3 2011, giving ample time for Apple to actually work on the technology. This raises our hopes to see some innovative feature like wireless charging on the iPad 5.

That said, it’s all still smoke. Experts do point out that many of Apple’s patents have remained just ideas on paper (and never become products or features) but this is something we’re sure will become a feature. The sooner the better because Apple definitely needs a shot in the arm right now.

Source: Patently Apple

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