iCloud.com Beta Gets a Gorgeous iOS 7 Revamp

iCloud.com Beta Gets a Gorgeous iOS 7 Revamp

Apparently, Apple is not done with its iOS 7 revamp yet. In its recent incarnation, iCloud has been revamped and takes an iOS7-style design.

iCloud.com’s beta website now looks completely redesigned to meet the new standards of iOS interface design. Here are the screenshots for all the eye-candy today:

  1. The linen is gone and so is the skeuomorphism that’s reminiscent of the times of Jobs and Forstall.
  2. Icons are clearly borrowed from iOS 7, which is same as before.
  3. App interfaces have been revamped too. Most notable are Reminders and Calendars.
  4. The color scheme is completely that of iOS 7, with all the bright blue hues.
  5. The app switcher is quite cooler now
  6. There’s a new interactive background for those who access the website via beta.icloud.com/?crazyAwesome#
  7. On-site notifications are ON by default. They can’t be turned off at the moment.

iCloud Beta Gets a Gorgeous iOS 7 Revamp

The iCloud revamp was actually not very much unsuspected because iCloud is last of the places where Apple’s mobile / mobile-related products retained the skeuomorphic design left by Forstall. With Jony Ive’s entry into human interaction at Apple, things have taken the minimalist, flat route.

iCloud Beta New LookRedesigned iCloud Beta

iOS 7’s design, which takes a completely flat and minimalist approach, has already won quite a lot of hearts with an overwhelming 74% of users who were polled opting for iOS 7 elements over iOS 6.

Revamped iCloud Beta

For the moment, the beta version of iCloud.com can be accessed at http://beta.icloud.com and can be accessed only by developers. (You need to login using an account that is associated with a developer ID).

Top this up with our post on all the recent changes in iOS 7 and in iOS 7 beta 5. Apple just seeded iOS 7 beta 6 for developers with minor bug fixes in iTunes in the Cloud and a few changes.

IOS 7 is set to launch along with iPhone 5S on September 10th.