Now that the jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is just around the corner, you’ll hear this lot: save your SHSH blobs for future so that when Apple stops signing iOS 6, you can still go back to it via custom IPSW restore.

While a lot of users who’ve done this already know how to save SHSH blobs but for the newbies and for people who’ve forgotten how to do it, here’s a short and quick tutorial that teaches you how you can save your SHSH blobs. We’re specifically looking at saving iOS 6.1, 6.0.1 and 6 SHSH blobs (iOS 6.0.2 included).How to Save iOS 6.1 SHSH BlobFor this, you’ll need:

  • The iDevice
  • TinyUmbrella (download from here)
  • A Mac/PC/Linux computer

Lets move on with how to save the SHSH blob:

  • Download TinyUmbrella from the source mentioned above
  • Connect your iPhone / iDevice to your system. You should save SHSH blobs for every device you own separately.
  • Now, open TinyUmbrella and under connected devices (from upper-left), choose the appropriate device.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck these options:
  • Save ALL Available SHSH
  • Request SHSH from Cydia
  • Now, select and change the SHSH directory to something you can remember. Like a folder on the Desktop specifically for the SHSH blobs.
  • Optionally, click the Log tab so that you can see a Matrix-style (okay, not as much but still) view of the status of saving. Prepare to save.
  • Click Save SHSH and TinyUmbrella will save the blob. If things go smoothly, your SHSH blob will appear in the folder.  Note: This is to be used only by the device you’ve used to save the blob. Check the folder to make sure there’s the saved blob right inside.

But hey, why do I need to save the SHSH blob?

Did you notice that you can’t go back to iOS 5.1.1 (downgrade)? This is because Apple stops signing older firmwares after new ones are released. And the only way to bypass this is to save SHSH blobs which you can then use to downgrade even if Apple doesn’t sign the firmware.