Cydia is the gateway to all the wonderful jailbreak tweaks we discover, use and review. Without Cydia tweaks, I don’t think the iPhone would be just as powerful as it is. In fact, times when my iPhone goes into Safe Mode makes me feel weak and powerless.

While there are millions of free tweaks, there are also powerful tweaks that you have to purchase through Cydia. Saurik, the founder of Cydia, has made it easy for users to pay for jailbreak tweaks through the Cydia app.

In this short tutorial, we’ll see how to purchase the tweaks and why Cydia needs an authenticating account.

How to Buy Cydia Tweaks on iPhone & iPad

1). Open Cydia
2). Look for the tweak you want to buy and tap on it

How to Purchase Cydia Apps on iPhone Step 1

3). When the tweak’s info page loads completely, you should see a Purchase button on top-right. Also note the price for the tweak.

How to Buy Cydia Tweaks on iPhone Step 2

4). Tap on the Purchase button.
5). You will be asked to login via Google or Facebook. This is just an authorization / authentication and does not amount to paying. Choose either Google or Facebook to login.

How to Buy Cydia Apps on iPhone Step 3How to Purchase Cydia Apps on iPhone Step 4

6). Now, you will be asked to select a payment processor. (Amazon or PayPal).

How to Buy Cydia Tweaks on iPhone Step 5

7). After you tap on PayPal or Amazon, you will be taken to the respective website.

How to Buy Cydia Apps on iPhone Step 6

8). Enter the payment details (Credit Card/Netbanking etc.) and finish the payment.
9). Once successfully completed, you will see a ‘Payment Successful‘ page in Cydia. This confirms your payment.
10). Tap on the ‘Back‘ button to go back to the info page for the tweak.
11). Finally, the info page will confirm that you have purchased the tweak. Future updates will also be free (provided the tweak developer has made it so).

Themes like Ayecon, tweaks like Auxo, Velox, FolderEnhancer, LockInfo 5 etc. are paid tweaks that can be purchased through the above steps.

Take a look at our Cydia page for hundreds of interesting tweaks to try on your iPhone/iPad. If you are new to Cydia, you might want to check this Cydia guide.