While a lot of stuff has changed in iOS 7, one feature that hasn’t changed much is the way you share. Agreeably, there’s a ton of cosmetic change in the way the share sheet looks and behaves, but the functionality is same.

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Still, for new users of iOS 7 who’d want to upload videos to their Facebook account, here’s a simple tutorial. Note that this is a beginner-tutorial so advanced users may skip to other posts.

How to Post Videos to Facebook from iPhone on iOS 7Here is How to Post Videos on Facebook from iPhone Camera Roll

If you’ve captured a video and you want to share the video directly from the camera roll, here’s how to do it:

(for this method, you should have installed the Facebook app and logged in with your Facebook account)

  • Open the Photos app
  • Tap on the Camera Roll album to open it. If it’s already open, tap on the video to be shared.

Tap on Video to Be Shared on iOS 7

  • Tap the share icon on bottom of the screen.
  • Then tap on “Next” from the top right corner of the screen
  • In the share sheet, you should see the Facebook icon. Tap on it.

Video Share Sheet in iOS 7

  • A pop-up opens. Enter the details of the video. You might also want to tap on “Details” to select the size of the video. If you’re uploading a slo-mo video, make sure the setting is set to Large.

Uploading a Slo-motion video on Facebook on iOS 7

  • That’s about it. You can tap on the cog icon to select who to share with.
  • Once done with all these things, tap on “Post”

Post Videos to Facebook from iPhone

Posting Video to Facebook from the App

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Tap on Photos

How to Post Video on Facebook from iPhone or iPad within the FB App

  • You will be shown all photos and videos from the camera roll. It’s not a pleasant sight if you have a lot of photos and videos because everything is displayed. Videos are the ones that have numbers on them. Tap any video to select it.
  • Then, tap on the icon on bottom-right.Video Sharing on Facebook iPhone App
  • Now, enter the details for the video share and tap on Post.Upload Videos to Facebook from iPhone App
  • You’re done!

I prefer uploading through the Camera Roll (or any other album).


        • Check out restrictions (Settings -> General -> Restrictions) to
          see if any apps are blocked. Also, make sure you have not installed any
          Cydia tweak that removed Facebook option from the share sheet. Note that
          you should have FB app AND logged in under Settings -> Facebook
          which is iOS’s default setting page for linking your fb account.

          • When I click on the FB icon it says there was an error accessing account. It wants me to enter my password, but once you enter the password the only option to click is “delete account”. I am already logged in to the FB account and the app works fine. I changed my password yesterday on my PC and logged in on the iphone with the new password and that works fine

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