How To Install Siri On iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (iOS 6.x Compatible)

So after the jailbreak, one of the coolest things that you can do is install Siri on your iPhone (4, 3GS). We’ve been playing around with a lot of Siri ports but unfortunately, it took us this long to actually figure out a genuine, working solution that is awesome.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Wordjelly yet but it’s a cool Siri alternative for your iPhone. Couple that with some really cool GUI and you’ve got a clincher. Okay, without any more delay, let’s get straight to the point. This tutorial will show you how you can install Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.x. It’s pretty easy.


Ok, lets start with Installing Siri On iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (iOS 6.x Compatible)

Install Siri on iPhone 4 and 3GS

You’ll need:

  • iPhone 4/3GS (jailbroken, of course)
  • Connected to Wifi
  • Running iOS 6.x (we tested on iOS 6.1)

1. Get the Siri Interface
First, we need to get a decent interface that looks and works very much like the original Siri from Apple. To do this, we add a repo in Cydia.


Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add

Step 3: Add this source:

Add bassamkassem Repo to CydiaStep 4: Add Source

Step 5: Once you’ve added the source, open the source by tapping on the BassamKassem repo.

Step 6: Look for a tweak called “Ac!d Siri for iOS 6.1” (or whichever iOS version you are using)

Install Siri for iOS 6.1

Step 7: Install it. The Siri package is about 90MB and will take a while to install.

Step 8: After installation, you will be asked to reboot your device

2. Install Wordjelly for Siriport Servers
After you’ve rebooted your iPhone, you’ll need to add one more repo. This is the main source for making Siri work.

Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add

Step 3: Add this repo:

Add Wordjelly SIRI Port

Step 4: Tap on Add Source

Step 5: Now, open this repo source and look for a tweak called “iOS 6 WordJelly Control Panel

Install iOS 6 WordJelly Control PanelStep 6: Install this and reboot the device again.

(Alternatively, you can add both the repos first and then install the tweaks. But remember to reboot every time you install the tweak.)

3. Start Using Siri!
Now that you’ve installed both the necessary packages, you’ll have to enable Siri.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General -> Siri and enable it.

Enable Siri

Step 2: Then, go to Settings and scroll down to find “Ac!d Settings

Step 3: Open that and enable Siri here.

Step 4: In the Proxy Host, you should fine this:

Ac!d Settings

That’s it. Long-press Home button to fire up Siri and start using it!!

  • Octi

    Doesn’t work. I’ve downladed first source and install it,and after i reboot my Iphone 4 GSM.And appear just Apple image and that’s all ! Nothing

    • Chandrashekhar

      Hey, can you tell us what packages you installed? Like, you need to get the correct version for your iPhone4.. Lemme know what packages you installed so we can figure out why this problem crops up.

      Also, if you aren’t able to boot up, try powering down and then when you power on, press the volume up. This will start your iPhone without Cydia packages running on it. You can then remove the problematic packages and then reboot your iPhone normally.

  • Tigran Avetisyan

    My iPhone Says That This Tweaks Are Crash My SpringBoard.
    When device is rebooted, it start run in safe mode.
    When I delete this tweaks my device starts run normal.
    How I can bypass this problem ?

    • Chandrashekhar

      Can you tell us what iPhone you are using? That would help.

  • Miles Hi

    Doesn´t work on my iPhone 3gs, keeps on crashing.
    If I install [ac!d] siri-iOS6.1 for 3gs it seems to work better, but when I install wordjelly it removes the siri aplication, I can´t find a way to install both. Please can somebody help me??

  • Guest

    Doesn´t work on my iphone 3gs, The aplication that does work is [ac!d]siri-iOS 6.1 for 3gs, but after rebooting, I can´t (or don´t know how to) install wordjelly without removing [ac!d]SIRI-iOS 6.1 for 3gs. Can somebody help me please???

  • Shawn K.

    siri works for me, but dictation in messages crashes my phone everytime. any way to fix this ? really wanted this feature for a while now. Thanks in advance :D

  • ហាន អាម៉ាន់

    What a Scam? Didn’t work on iPhone 3GS,Got stuck at Apple Logo…

  • Andrew Starks

    The app/tweak states that this is a full Native Siri for all iPhone/iPods Except 3GS

  • Guest

    I turn Siri On but somehow it just goes back to Off , any help ?

  • Raymond Jones

    doesn’t work when I ask about Sports ?

  • Dara

    After i reset all setting now siri does not work on my iphone 4. Any help please?

  • Jack Jones

    Worked well, but when installed location fix, Siri disappeared. What now?

  • Claudemir Santos Campos

    Here in my 3gs its working so well… There are brand new version….at source.


    Hi! This worked but once I install location fix Siri disappears!! So how can I get location to work? Also is there anyway to get the real Siri with the real responses not the ones the developers make. I know thats asking a lot, but I am still optimistic.

    -Dedicated Geek Blogger

  • sachin

    wow it’s work on my iphone 3gs. os 6.1.2

    • eduardo

      did you install the 6.1 version? I used the the 6.1.2 but doesnt launch Siri at all

  • Sameer

    Will this work on iPod touch 4g evasion untherered jailbroken

    • iGeeksBlog

      We have tried with iPhone 4, I guess it should work on iPod touch 4G. Do it at your own risk.