How to Use Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari for iPhone and iPad

With iOS 7, Apple makes jumping into private browsing much easier than ever before.

In the past, up till iOS 6, if you wanted to shift to the Private Browsing mode, you had to go to Settings and get it done. In iOS 7, things are changed ever so subtly but it makes all the difference.


For iOS 6 users who’ve jailbroken their devices, Cydia tweaks are a handy option to quickly enable/disable private browsing mode. For instance, I use NCSettings to switch between private and normal browsing modes to disable travel websites setting cookies on my iPhone.

How to Enable Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to enable private browsing with Safari on iOS 7:

  • Open Safari on your iPhone/iPad
  • Tap on the tab icon (bottom left). This shows you the tabs that are open (in the new rolodex style)
  • On the bottom-right, you should see a text ‘Private’
  • Tap on this and Safari will ask you if you want to keep the tabs or close them all.
  • Keep All to continue browsing (but in private mode). Alternatively, you can also close the tabs.
  • To disable private browsing mode: follow the steps again and tap on Private. You will notice that the dark-colored theme of Safari changes to the normal one. That’s the indication that you have disabled private browsing mode.

Enable Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari on iPhone and iPad


This is one of those features that Apple simplified completely. Although I’d still point out that it’s kind of hidden in an unusual place (the tabs, really?), at least you’ve got easier access to enabling Private mode now.

Earlier, one had to go all through to Settings → Safari to enable private browsing. And enabling private browsing effectively killed the existing sessions too.

As with iOS 6, the moment you enable Private browsing, the UI tone of Safari changes to the default grey to indicate that you’re incognito.

There’s a lot of new changes in iOS 7 and if you’re planning to jump ship when iOS 7 public version releases, you might want to check this out.