How to Enable Continuous Scrolling in Books App on iPhone and iPad

The Books app is a great way to read books and saved PDFs on iPhone or iPad. With just a light tap or flick on the screen, you can quickly flip pages much like you do with physical books. But if you want, you can also opt to enable continuous scrolling in the Books app. This allows you to move to the next page in a smoother manner. The Books app also offers other customization options like auto-night theme and different font sizes and backgrounds. But for now, let’s talk about the continuous scroll feature.

  1. Open Books app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. From Reading Now or Library, tap on the book you want to read.Open Books App and Tap on Book on iPhone
  3. Once the book opens in full screen, tap anywhere to see the options.
  4. Next, tap on AA and turn ON the toggle for Scrolling View.Tap on AA and Enable Scrolling View on iPhone

Now you will see page number in a small font on the left side. The scrolling status bar will be vertically placed on the right side. You can use it to go anywhere in the book quickly.

You can follow the exact same steps to turn off Scrolling View and get back to page-flip style in the Books app.

This was all about enabling continuous scrolling in Book app for smoother navigation. But what if you want to have the books read to you? For this, see how to make books read aloud to you or use one of the best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad.

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