How to Copy-Paste Text from iPhone to Computer (and Vice-versa)

How to Copy-Paste Text from iPhone to Computer (and Vice-versa)

You get a coupon code on your iPhone and you have to enter that on the computer or vice-versa. How do you do that? Read the code from the iPhone and then type it out, right?

What if there’s a large chunk of text you want to copy – like, say, a fantastic verse or a quote – from your iPhone to computer? I’ve faced this many times and for a long time, I was just typing things out or getting frustrated that I can’t copy from my iPhone to the computer. I’ll let you in on a secret: I was sending emails to myself with the text just to copy them. Darn it, right?

But then, there are three distinct solutions that I now use. I’ll take you through these and you can pick any of them to copy-paste text from your iPhone to the computer (and vice-versa).

How to Copy-Paste Text from iPhone to Computer

1.Reminders & iCloud

One of the most native solutions is to use the Reminders app and sync it with iCloud. So, when you paste something into the Reminders app, it gets synced to iCloud and you can then copy it from your iCloud account (at Here’s how to do that:

  • First off, make sure Reminders is synced in iCloud. (Go to Settings → iCloud → and switch ON the toggle for Reminders).
  • Now, whatever text you copy, paste it into Reminders as an entry.
  • Log into your account at and then click on Reminders. The thing you just pasted should be here.

Since we’re talking about cloud and a task manager app, you can do this with any other to-do app that lets you access via both mediums: iPhone and PC. Like TeuxDeux, Evernote etc. although Evernote would be an overkill.


Hopper Bookmarklet

Hopper is close to becoming the default way that I’d copy-paste stuff between PC and my iPhone. It’s one of the finest bookmarklet services I’ve seen and it works great for the iPhone.

Hopper is basically a bookmarklet which stores what you copy-paste. You can access your account from both the PC’s browser and from iPhone’s browser. That’s the trick here: you get to access things from the browser (there’s no app).

You can get a free account at,  download their bookmarklet for easy copy-pasting on your browser and of course, login via your iPhone’s Safari browser too.


Drop iPhone App

Drop’s biggest problem is that it costs $1.99. But for the money, you get an awesome app, full-support for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers with a neat interface. The interface is all that matters: amazing, to say the least.

Drop works via Wifi.

  • You’ll have to be connected to the internet (obviously)
  • When you open the app on your iPhone, you get an IP address.
  • Type this address in your PC’s browser.
  • Copy paste anything anywhere and the other medium shows it almost instantly.

There’s one additional feature about Drop: you can copy-paste images too.

Download Drop

That’s about how I do it. Have you got other methods of copy-pasting text between iPhone and PC? Let us know!

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