If you’re having trouble with app / music purchases on your iPhone or iPad, the problem might be due to the country region settings. For instance, you may have a credit card with an address in one country but your iPhone might have been set up in another country so the regions would be different.

Note: Read this post in case you have upgraded to iOS 8

Note that your country region should correspond to the billing address you’ve specified in your Apple ID profile.

It’s relatively simple to change the whole thing though. But make sure the country region you select corresponds to the address that you’ve listed under the credit card billing address.

Here’s how to change the App Store Country or Region right on your iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on ‘iTunes & App Purchases’

iTunes and App Store Settings

Step 3: Tap on the field that says ‘Apple ID:’

Tap on Apple ID in iPhone Settings

Step 4: Tap ‘View Apple ID’

View Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

Step 5: Tap on ‘Country Region’

Country or Region Settings in iPhone and iPad

Step 6: In the next screen tap ‘Change Country or Region’

Change Country or Region on iPhone and iPad

Step 7: Now, select the country from the list

Select Your Contry or Region on iPhone

Step 8: When the iTunes & App Store Terms of Service page is shown, tap on “Agree”

Step 9: Once done, you will have to review your payment method and details. This is where your card’s address will be cross-checked with the given country region and address. Make sure you provide a bank account/card detail that has the chosen country in its address. Click on ‘Next’ and you’re done. You’ll have to provide the correct ZIP and other address details.

Change App Store Country in iPhone or iPad

Below is a quick video showing how to change Country Region of App Store on iPhone or iPad:

Things to note:

  • If you are changing your country region, note that some apps might not appear in your iTunes/App Store. In those cases, you may find it hard to get the particular app on your iPhone.
  • If your credit card information doesn’t match with the country region you’ve selected, you are most likely going to get an error message. Without valid credit card information for the specified country, you can choose ‘None’ but you might have to enter payment information when you purchase something from the App Store.


    i’ve got credits in my account but it’s just $0.12 and i want to switch it to another region which i have credit on but looks impossible since i’m supposed to exhaust this credit before switching another region and in this case you can’t buy anything with $0.12 in appstore

  • Lydia

    I have just recently moved from the US to Austria and properly changed my country/region with the proper austrian credit card and everything. My app store seems to be in Austria now but I still have problems with spotify and the chrome app (that’s the apps I have noticed it at least). they both think I’m out of Austria. I have deleted and downloaded both apps several times. I have reset the settings several times but the problem is still here. I had a VPN set up but deleted it since I was wondering if this corrupted my whole phone. Still not working.
    Any ideas?

    • Beats me. One thing I’d try is changing networks and trying from different IP addresses. Also, turn off location and then do a hard-reset and then turn on location again.

  • Liz Claire

    HELP! I have confirmed that I have properly selected the USA store and it matches my USA credit card infos, I got the “congratulations” notice, but STILL I am unable to update my apps on my iPad … is the fact that I am physically located in France somehow getting in the way ? I just want to do simple updates to free apps like gmail and etc. but it seems to think I’m in the French store, even though I am not.

    • hi. not sure what’s really happening but try this: disable location
      services. did u download the apps from the US app store? and if you can
      get to a computer with itunes, try updating from there?

  • Allen Holf Wolf

    hi friends which country region is good for great games for free and aswell is there’s any aap so that i can use my iphone like previous & fast without there’s stuk is games. if any budy know please help me out iam using Apple 4 (16gb) & my software version is IOS 7.0.4

  • I needed to change the countries frequently to check my own apps, so I put together a little Web App with 1-click region switching for myself. Maybe it’s also helpful for you.

    You can find it at http://appstoreswitch.com.

    • CSR

      Doesn’t seem to work, Jon. If it did, we’d love to cover your solution here :) Can you tell me how it works?