Of all the errors that pop up every time I try to update, restore or (at times) even sync the iPhone, the notorious iTunes error 3194 is the one I fear most. Not that the error hasn’t got a fix, but the fact that there are plenty of fixes for the error and that you’ll have to try each one in a variety of combinations to fix the thing.

Apple’s support page for specific errors on iTunes isn’t all that helpful. For starters, Apple isn’t all that interested in people downgrading their iOS firmware. So naturally, all the signing is already done with so if you’re trying to downgrade to iOS 7.x an upgrade to iOS 8, you’re going to have a bad time (unless you’re lucky and you downgraded within the short time window where Apple still signs). And when you’re dealing with a jailbroken iPhone, it’s going to be even worse.

Error 3194 in iTunes

If you’re real lucky – and I mean seriously lucky – you’ll not see any errors crop up when you try to update or restore. Most users who don’t usually tinker with their iPhones are these lucky ones. For the rest of us, here’s what you can do to fix the iTunes error 3194. (Check out this tutorial in case you are facing iTunes error 17 issue.)

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 During iOS Update on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

You’re just trying to update / upgrade the firmware but iTunes keeps throwing up this error. In most cases, it’s because of a simple problem with the hosts file. Here’s how to fix it:

  • For Windows, navigate to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and find the file that’s named “hosts”
  • For Mac, the file is in /etc/
  • Open the file in Notepad (or any other text editing software) (for Windows users, open this with Administrator Privileges)
  • You’ll mostly have this line at the bottom of the file:
  • gs.apple.comiTunes Error 3194 Hosts File
  • Either comment this line out by typing a single ‘#’ (without the quotes) in front of the line (before 74) or remove the line entirely.
  • Now, save the hosts file and then try updating your iPhone through iTunes.
  • In most cases, the error shouldn’t pop up now.

Again, if you’re lucky, this should work. To me, this method never worked but then, I had my iPhone jailbroken too many times. So that’s when TinyUmbrella comes to the rescue.

Fixing iTunes Error 3194 for a Jailbroken iPhone using TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrella is a cool little software that you probably have heard of already.

Note #1: TinyUmbrella and this method are actually part of the 3194 error fix for “downgrading” your iOS firmware. But in some cases (like ours), it worked for an update too. It’s mostly because we had a jailbroken iPhone that wasn’t restored to factory settings. Here’s how it works:

Note #2: If you wish to downgrade, you’ll need to save SHSH blobs either to your local drive or on Cydia. Right now, Cydia has saved SHSH blobs up to iOS 7.0.4; you’ll need to save the SHSH blobs of your device (and you can use TinyUmbrella for this).

  • Download the iOS firmware that you wish to upgrade/downgrade your iPhone to.
  • Download TinyUmbrella
  • Connect your iPhone and close iTunes if it pops open automatically.
  • Open TinyUmbrella and then click on ‘Start TSS Server’
  • Put your iPhone in DFU (Here is  a quick guide to do this)
  • Now, if you are updating your firmware, you’ll have to click on Shift+Restore (Win) / Option+Restore (Mac) and point it to the iOS ipsw file you downloaded in step 1.
  • Hopefully, iTunes will restore it to the correct iOS firmware you pointed to and update your iPhone to it.

  • ahmed

    Thx a lot the way of TinyUmbrella is working but after that it give me that error (an unknown ERROR HAS OCCURRED (11) ) could you help with that ??

    • rahul247rocks

      update your iTunes.

      • chase

        you can’t shift+restore with iTunes11, can you?

  • http://twitter.com/AlonHammer Alon Hammer

    i get error 1600 when going from 4.1 – 5.0 or 5.1….any ideas?

  • Gareth Gardner

    Thanks a lot, my 74.200 number was slightly different and was 1 line above the bottom. But the hash tag worked a treat. Many thanks again x

  • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

    you can do it, of course.

  • George Hany

    i Downloaded a The Iphone4s 6.0.1 from a site that should work and downloaded it Full 912mb and when i tried to restore my mobile to update it it just said 3194 error and i am stuck there!! anyy Suggestions? It was a jailbroken Untethered 5.1.1 Iphone 4s!!

  • Zak

    This fix worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your help.

  • william wu


  • el

    In saving the hosts file, you need to save with this method.

  • disqus_Mvs5bf5No4

    I got error 1604 after doing shift+restore. I have a ipod touch 4g 4.3.3, jailbreak & has a cydia. Im trying to unjailbreak it or just restore. Any help? I got error 1604 and error 3194.

  • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog
  • Fred

    Thanks bro. First method for updating iOS worked!

  • Aiyush

    I tried both methods. I have a jailbroken Ipad 2 Wifi with 5.1.1. I wish to update it to 6.1.1 using my ipsw file. If I use itunes, I get the 3194 error with or without commenting the address to the apple server. Using the latest version of TinyUmbrella, I started the TSS server. I then open itunes and shift+click on the update. Now I get error 11.

    • Dhruv Shukla

      get the same error help

      • ajengc

        i have the same problem too, please help

        • http://www.facebook.com/justin.d.evans Justin Evans

          Same issue here, any solutions yet??

          • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

            if you get itunes error 11, it mostly means there’s something going awry
            with the SHSH blobs. unfortunately, at this moment, there’s a lot of
            issue with firmware upgrades/downgr
            ades in ios 6. we’ll keep u posted when there’s a workaround.

        • Carminbook

          Same error here :-(

          • Bum_masta

            so what abbout now? how can it be fixed?

    • suria

      very simple, make sure your apple divice is in full power battery. just try!

    • Bum_masta

      lol, so how can it be fixed?

  • disqus_ryAw4ByLgl

    Will this enable me to update my newly bought ipod touch 4, with firmware 4.3.5 to 5.1.1? Or do I need shsh blobs…

  • haroon

    I did my iphone jailbreak. it was working 5 days. after 5 days I remove some software from cydia but my mobile going to restart every 4 secand? please tell me the solution this?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      I guess you removed something important along the way. Looks like you’re in a bit of a fix. Here’s what I’d recommend: 1) first try rejailbreaking your iDevice. 2) if that doesn’t work, go ahead and restore your firmware through iTunes. You’ll lose the data if you haven’t backed up in a while. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way out if the restart loop keeps happening even if you connect your iPhone to the computer.

  • decu

    Nice 1. Perhaps you can tell us how to regain the wi-fi? As the one on mine seems not to work. Thanks anyway as the 1st method worked.

  • Patrick

    I discovered another issue related to my previous comment, and that is; Apple does not allow you to edit your app email address on any app from Apple Manager. This happened to me when I forgot my security questions, they did not allow me to download my apps, and all my purchased apps are gone. These people are materialistic, and do not care about customer support. I advice everyone to sell his iPhone like me, and by any android machine he or she likes. Believe me you are going to have a big headache and waste hundreds of hours on Apple stupid machines.

  • Patrick

    Whether jailbroken, dfu mode, recover mode, nothing work, and iTunes 11, and 11.2 is a smart software that can recognize any mode. The server for 6.1.2, and up is closed, and Umbrella cannot find any server only SHSH blobs that are not useful in new iPhone 5 firmware, or any updated iPhone to new firmware. Apple tricked people in version 6.1 claiming that there is a battery leek and that is a dump trick, because batteries cannot be fixed in software, only by changing them. Nothing can be done, until people working in Apple leek us some tricks to downgrade our iPhones, and error 3194 is an upgrade issue not a host line. Don’t play with host file or try on another machine, nothing works. Moreover, iTunes cannot read Firmware 6.1 and up correctly, and I discovered this on Jailbroken, and non Jailbroken devices. It leaves many free apps behind without uploading to your iDevice. You need iFunbox to upload the other free apps, or purchased ones with your Apple ID.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Goonzs Gazen Sainju

    i had iphone 4 factory unlock for futher application i had jailbreak but i dont need that anymore and want to remove that jailbreak and turn into old version(factory unlock) plz help what should i do…even i had done restore then error comes n if i do reset then it just round the loading….what should i do now…error 3194…do whatever u say…but not work after restore will my sim work

  • Jorge Eduardo Reyes Aguilar

    Windows wont allow me to save the host file, and i;m the administrator. Know why?

    • Wobbly1958

      Right click on Notepad then “open as administrator” then navigate to the directory. Remember to “open all files” not just .txt

  • Cristian Gondiu

    I have iphone 4 and 5.1.1

    now tje latest version is the IOS 7( official version )

    IS possible to upgrade my iphone to 6.x.x ( i want to 6.1.3)

    also my iphone is jailbroken ..

    • Christos Kalfas

      Id like to know the answer to this also, i have a 4s Jailbroken, trying to go to 6.1.2, but i read in Sauriks post in the TSS Server section of Cydia that he made a mistake when he wrote the software for saving our shsh’s and APtickets, instead of his software requesting full apticket digest, it only requested a partial digest, therefore all the shsh’s saved on his server from our devices were useless and invalid(Corrupt) so unless you physically saved an old SHSH you cannot downgrade on A5+ devices, but if ur on A4- devices i.e iphone 4 ipod 4g, then you can do it.
      But if anyone else has a solution, id love to hear it, but i doubt its possible

  • Orr.Penn.18

    TinyUmbrella method works like a charm! :) Thank you kind sir!

  • alex

    my “hosts” file has no gs.apple.com” dunno what to do :(

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Are you trying to upgrade/downgrade? And from where to where (in terms of iOS firmware version)

      • Revanne Bachtiar

        hey i have the same problem as alex. I tried to upgrade my device from 6.1.3 to iOS 7 but i always get error 3194 :( what to do?

        • ravi kang

          DFU mode bypasses the current OS installed and allows you to upgrade or downgrade your OS. If you are getting errors trying to restore in iTunes, DFU mode is very likely for you.

          Entering DFU Mode

          Plug your device into your computer.

          Turn off the device.

          Hold the Power button for 3 seconds

          Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds

          Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button

          Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode

          Make sure the device screen is blank and no logos are present

          • Revanne Bachtiar

            It;s still cant work :(
            and the bad thing is, my phone wont out exit from DFU mode.
            I tried to press the power button + home button then my phone went off and i press again the power button and it comes back to the I-tunes and USB logo T_T what to do???

          • Adriannan Nonyo

            My phone turned into a paper weight also, so in case someone else is reading this I held down the power button and the home button and it turned back on.

          • Mikhaela Ayana Estabillo

            then after that what should I do now?

          • nicky889

            Mine still isn’t working, I’ve tried the above and editing the hosts, even tried disabling the anti virus… help please

      • Kazimierz Wszolek

        i have the same problem mine dosent say gs.apple.com??
        wat do i do here?

  • Faisal Abu Rayhan

    Hi All,

    I went crazy because of this issue on my iPhone 4S & 5! I have done all suggestion given from entire internet (e,g: download latest iTunes, remove gs.apple.com from hosts file, remove antivirus/malware, use tiny umbrella, etc etc) but all of them failed in Windows machine!

    Finally I found the solution is restore using Mac and everything go very smooth without any extra effort -just plug the iPhone & click restore- everyting went very smooth including verification step which I got the error 3194 in my Windows machine.

    So anyone desperate because of this issue better save your time by restore using Mac.

  • Adam Saleh

    Best way to fix this error:

    1) before connecting iPhone to itune, make sure the phone is in DFU mood (you’ll see on the phone screen a usb wire with itune connected)

    2) connect iphone to itune and do the restore and update again.

    It should work that way. At least for me i have tried to do everything and did not work but this meth i came up with fore sure worked.

    • ios7

      sir you are genius! thanks, it sure worked for me.

  • asdsad

    i got error 4014 … any ideas ?

  • justcause

    for host file method to get it work, after saving the new changes u must restart itunes immediately before making the restore, and make sure your device on DFU mode, i just updated my iphone 5 to ios 7.0.2 and get rid of this annoying error.

  • justcause

    for host file method to get it work, after saving the new change u must restart itunes immediately before making the restore, and make sure your device on DFU mode, i just updated my iphone 5 to ios 7.0.2 and get rid of this annoying error.

  • Yahya Nothezai Yahya

    just install hotspot sheild and activet it than try to restor iphone

  • # TeamCeltic F.C

    There isn’t any gs files.

  • Julius Mwewa

    When i use the tss method it gets stuck trying to restore to 6.1 on an ipad 3,1 WiFi

  • Kevin Lee Mcmahon

    I will paypal someone $25 if they can help walk me through a restore on my passcode locked iphone 5 i do no believe it was ever jailbroken has 6.?.? on it. i have a hard time getting it into restore mode cant seem to do it twice in a row on any device, just reboots instead of the itunes logo coming on if you can help me skype sargerevenge my cousin manages a strip club, found the phone made announcement, nobody ever claimed it after a few months so he gave it to me in a trade. i have restored a 4s same situation with no problems not sure why i cant get itunes to do a restore on this. skype sargerevenge or email sargerevenge@gmail.com

  • Lou Brown

    Hi there,I want to sell my iphone 4 gsm,that means restoring to factory settings,I didn’t save shsh blobs when jailbreaking with redsnow (latest) on 6.0 firmware.I am now pressuming there is no way back without shsh blobs,after hours of trying all the fixes on the tinternet I’m stuck,if you can help that would be appreciated,thanks.

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Unfortunately, without saved blobs, there’s no way back.

    • Lou Brown

      Thanks for the quick response.
      Just as I figured then,I was in doubt as to whether re-jailbreaking would save more blobs.Anyway it can stay as it is.

  • Allison collins

    The host name keeps changing to the default host name, what do i do?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Can you be a little more specific about which method you used? Did you try commenting out the line with a ‘#’ before it?

  • Harper

    I’m using the TinyUmbrella method, but nothing happens after iTunes says “Preparing this iPhone for Restore” I get the spinning bars loading, and then the “fill-up” loading bar. It loads all the way and just stays there. Nothing happens. What can I do?

    • Brian

      When it gets to this point, try running DiskAid

  • Chickyn Praew

    Thankyou so much!!! lol
    It’s working! I did everyway to resolve but its not
    I love you<3
    [Mine :: iphone 5/Jailbroken 6.1 will to 7.0.3 ^^]

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Cheers… :)

  • Mina Samir

    my “hosts” file has no gs.apple.com” dunno what to do :(
    I try to downgrad from iOS 7.0.4 to iOS 7.0
    On iPad mini

  • Harman

    hey just turn off find my iphone from icloud then restore.

    it will work

  • icraze

    To iGeek blog

    i have an iphone 4, it was jaikbreak on ios 6.1.2 but recently i upgraded to 7.0.4 and did jailbreak as well but didnt like it. so i hav downgraded it to ios 5.1.1 non jailbreak. now im trying my iphone 4 to upgrade to back to ios 6.1.2 but im unable to do this through itune, redsnow and tiny umbrella. getting errors….. itune error 4104, tiny cant detect my iphone, redsnow is failed to do this……. can you give any idea what should work for me to do this ?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Upgrading to 6.1.2 (or any version below 7) seems to throw up errors.
      Did you try commenting out the hosts file? I think you will have to
      upgrade to 7.0.4.

      • icraze

        Well I know I can upgrade to 7.0.4 and can jailbreak too as I did before. But do you anything that I can upgrade it to iOS 6 from 5.1.1. I did comment in host file still didn’t work and I tried with tiny but why doesn’t tiny detect my iPhone ?

  • Kimcai

    Help!!! i want upgrade my ipad 2 to ios 5.1.1 but it say ERROR 3194,i alr try find tis gs.apple.com but dun hve! so how?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      At the moment, you can’t upgrade to 5.1.1. You can only upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 if you’re using the latest version of iTunes.

  • Richard Stone

    Hi, I’ve been trying to remove the line gs.apple.com from the host file. I’ve started Notepad in Admin mode and manually opened the hosts file. I can add and remove anything I want accept the gs.apple.com line. It will automatically be re-added by itunes! I am stuck! Any suggestions?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Try commenting out this line by adding a “#” (without quotes).. it’s
      mostly iTunes overwriting the file. if the problem persists, you might
      have to use TinyUmbrella.

  • Cari Dunn

    When I try to save the host file (On Windows computer) it says access denied..How do I gain access to change it? I’m the administrator, but I still cant do it. Please help.

    • joey

      did you find your awnser?

  • http://vonhollde.tumblr.com/ VonHollde

    I had this problem

    I tried everything with no results, so I plugged the ipad on another usb port (the ones at the back on my cpu) and cleaned the host file. Then I restored the ipad using a downloaded ipsw. It worked! Leaving this here just in case, It may help someone

  • Mike Salvaty

    I got passed the 3194 error to a 33 error….HELP!! iPhone 5.

  • Israel

    pl how can i fix error 1600 in restoring new firmware??

  • moe el

    nothin workin , i have iphone 4 non jailbroken running ios 7.1 and i tried everything and not workin, just wanna downgrade to ios 7.0.6 and i get the 3194 error , any solution ?

  • Neeraj Joshi

    hey, what if theres no hosts name??

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      You can try going into DFU mode and restoring your device (have a backup before you do that).

      Or, manually edit the hosts file. Add this line to the last: gs.apple.com

  • said abdi

    when i put it on dfu mode and restore then i get 4014 any ideas how to fix it i have iphone 4s??

  • Jerry

    when i opentiny umbrella it shows cannot start tss service
    do not try restoring device
    hosts is not writable.
    plzzzzzzzzzz sumone help me
    i want to downgrade ios 7.1 to 6.1.3

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Unfortunately, downgrading to 6.1.3 is not possible.In fact, you can’t even downgrade to 7.0.x from 7.1.

  • Slowly Ascending

    Please can you help me, still cant get this to work. I’m trying to update jailbroken iphone 4s from IOS 5.1 to IOS 7.0.6 still getting the same error. tried both but same error comes up

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Your best bet would be to put your iPhone in DFU or Recovery manually.
      And then try to update via iTunes. One more thing you could do is Reset
      All Settings before you DFU+Restore.

      • Slowly Ascending

        I tried DFU mode and im getting error 11. Tried on another computer and usb and still the same error. i reset all settings of the device and still the same error. What am I missing?

        • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

          Uh oh. Try using an older version of iTunes (10.x) and repeat the process.

        • Paul Harrison

          I have an error 3194 problem. I find that error 11 only came up with me if I had tiny umbrellas server running, if I turn that off iTunes throws error 3194 back at me again.

  • amir

    where do you fine the name hosts on window

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      If you’re running Windows XP, 7 or 8, the location of
      hosts file is this: C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts. In Win 7/8,
      you have to right click on hosts and Run as Administrator. Or open
      Notepad and open the hosts file from within Notepad. When you edit this
      file, it gets saved only when you run as administrator.

  • Paul Harrison

    Im hoping someone may be able to help me, I have an iPad Mini (wifi) on ios 7.0.2 and I wanted to use the evasi0n 7 Jailbreak but it advises to restore on iTunes as there was known issues with over the air updates when running the jailbreak. I downloaded iOS 7.0.2/7.0.3/7.0.4/7.0.6 and changed the file extension to .ipsw. I held down shift (Windows) when pressing the restore button in iTunes and selected an .ispw file and it extracted the software but then displayed the error 3194 code. So I deleted the contents of my hosts file and pasted a fresh one I had copied from Microsoft and saved the hosts file and then re-ran the restore and again after the software extraction it came up with an error 3194 so I continued to read advise on forums and decided to give tinyumbrella a go but this didn’t work either. I then decided to just run the evasi0n 7 jailbreak (v1.0.7) and this appeared to be going good but didn’t install the cydia icon so I continued to read and watch youtube videos and I tried (v1.0.2) as this worked for one youtuber but this just caused the iPad to get stuck on the logo screen. I can get it into DFU mode and restore it in iTunes but this will update me to iOS 7.1 and I don’t want to do this. MY QUESTION IS…(Q) Is there a way to restore my iPad mini from one of the .ipsw files I have got saved on my computer successfully without iTunes flagging up any errors like (3194/11/17….etc)

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      This is a dead-end now. If your iPad is stuck at the logo (boot), you
      can only restore it to iOS 7.1 (iOS 7.1.1 now). The reason you were
      getting errors with the IPSW files is because starting from iTunes 11,
      Apple stopped letting you do the manual restore (Shift+restore) to
      install an older iOS. Sorry.

  • Will Sieracki

    I’m trying to downgrade from ios 7.1 to 7.0.6. and I’ve put my iPhone 4s in dfu mode, and that didn’t work. Also, there is no gs.apple.com” in my hosts file. Any help?

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      If there’s no line like that, you might have to add it and try. Also, downgrades are being actively prevented by Apple when you use the latest version of iTunes.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      Apple is not signing 7.0.6 so no way to downgrade.

      Even with SHSH,the iPhone 4S can not be downgraded.Also,SHSH are useless on iOS 7 even for the only downgradable device,the iPhone 4.And to make things worse,iTunes 11.1,which you need for iOS 7,breaks custom downgrades completly

  • user

    thank you very much! it worked!

  • Leeness

    I don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. I AM THE ADMIN!!!

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Try running iTunes in Administrator mode. Not sure of how get to do that
      in Windows but there must be a right-click option that does it?

  • Acik Ronaldz

    can someone help me.. i can downgrade my iphone 4 from ios 7.1.2 to 6… itunes keep error 3194.. someone can help me ???

    # Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Microsoft Corp.


    # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.


    # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each

    # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should

    # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.

    # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one

    # space.


    # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

    # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.


    # For example:


    # rhino.acme.com # source server

    # x.acme.com # x client host

    # localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself.

    # localhost

    # ::1 localhost

    this is my host file

    • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

      Hi. If you mean you “can’t” downgrade, that is true. Apple doesn’t let you downgrade from iOS 7.x to iOS 6 anymore.

  • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ iGeeksBlog

    Hi. Can you be a little more specific? What were you trying to open?

  • eliza

    just tried to restore my Iphone 4 on windows xp but 3194 error keeps popping up and im using administrator and I think im in the latest version of iTunes 11 any tips

  • Alvin Legaspi

    3194 iTunes error while restoring iPhone 4,
    tried all post here but doesn’t help, that system32 thing also,
    I also try 6.x and 7.x IPSW and in DFU mode but error keeps on popping up.
    Now my iPhone was stuck at iTunes logo.
    Anyone can help???