“Budget iPhone” with 5-6 Color Options Could be Coming this October

“Budget iPhone” with 5-6 Color Options Could be Coming this October

Normally, rumors about Apple thinking of a 5.7″ device would go down the drain but this one coming from Reuters needs one careful analysis before being discarded or accepted.

Reuters published this report saying that supply chain and other sources in the loop of things have said that Apple had/has given orders for displays ranging from 4.7″ to 5.7″. Considering that it took Apple five long years to move from 3.5″ to 4″, this speculation is hard to accept.

Apple has been long rumored to be working on a 4.5″ device. In fact, the initial scares was that the iPhone 5S would be a 4.5″ device although those rumors were quickly put to rest.

Budget iPhone and iOS 7 Concept

Reuters has three rumors laid bare in this report:

  • Apple is looking at a base price of $99 for the cheaper model. This could be the contract versions, of course.
  • Apple might launch the cheaper iPhones in 5-6 colors. We’ve been hearing these rumors for long now and it does look like Apple will be launching color options in the iPhones.
  • Apple might be prototyping 4.7″ devices. Again, this looks very much away from reality but knowing that Apple is making some rapid changes to its product style, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Apple did indeed make these larger smartphones (or even phablets if the 5.7″ rumor fructifies).

Apple is not a company to design based on existing trends but of late, it sure looks like a company that has its processes changed. The recent design overhaul of iOS 7 – although not very great – is a clear indication that Apple is also looking at design trends. And if that is true, the era of large-screen smartphones is in because people spend more time looking at their smartphones than using it to call. Browsing, video, chat etc. have been the order of the day and a large-screen display does indeed help.

Tim Cook said Apple isn’t making large-screen smartphones because the trade-offs aren’t good. But he also said that Apple isn’t entirely shut-off to the idea. That’s some hint.

As for the budget iPhone’s release date, the report cites supply chain again, with a probable date in October/December for the multicolor-option iPhones.