Budget iPhone Shipments From Foxconn Hints at Early Release

Budget iPhone Shipments From Foxconn Hints at Early Release

This morning, we showed you photos of back panel of the budget iPhone posted by the French website, Nowhereelse.fr which has been posting quite a bit of these leaked images. Right now, we hear from a new source which claims to be close to sources within Foxconn that the company has starting shipping budget iPhone.

Lieyunwang – a Chinese tech blog claiming to be close to sources within Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision) – says that Foxconn has already started shipping the budget iPhone.

There are a lot of circumstantial happenings that corroborate this claim.

Budget iPhone Rumors

  • First off, the number of leaks of budget iPhone-related stuff we’ve had has increased. It’s not from one single source. This could possibly hint at a production-level dispersal of the gadget.
  • Secondly, if Apple is truly working on the budget iPhone, rumors had it that the smartphone will be released sometime in August. Foxconn shipping budget iPhones right now could possibly authenticate this claim but it’s so very dubious. If Apple released a budget iPhone in August, that would also mean the iOS 7 would be released in August – a full one-month earlier than usual.
  • Thirdly, MacOtakara reported earlier last month that Apple is getting ready for an intensive shipment. In the report, it had said that Foxconn was charged with about 90% of the inner-frame and battery module production so the bulk of production and assembly was in Foxconn’s hands. If Apple’s supply partners had begun shipping the components in June, things should be almost done for now. Corroborates with this rumor about Foxconn’s shipment.

Naturally, there is still a lot of skepticism about the budget iPhone. Yes, we too have doubts over the gadget being all smoke and no fire. However, publications as big as Reuters and the WSJ have been consistently reporting via their own sources.