“Budget” iPhone’s Plastic Back Panel Leaked As Release Date Closes In

“Budget” iPhone’s Plastic Back Panel Leaked As Release Date Closes In

By now you’re probably getting used to all the photo leaks happening across the cyberspace but this one’s going to be a little different and interesting. What looks like plastic toy shells are purportedly the back-shell of the upcoming budget iPhone – the plastic version of the iPhone which will retail for something like $330.

Talk about the cheap iPhone and there’s quite a lot of storm around that one. Many consumers feel that Apple won’t be releasing a cheap, plastic iPhone but experts and financial analysts with links to supply chain sources have been drumming up contrarily. Experts like Gene Munster have in fact appointed September as the release window for the cheap iPhone – also called the “budget” iPhone.

Budget iPhone Rumors

The photos show the backplate of the rumored budget iPhone. Other than the official Apple logo on top and the word ‘iPhone’ in its usual place, there are no additional markings.

Budget iPhone Plastic Back Panel

The cutouts for the camera and the flash are usual but they’re separated unlike in 4/4S. Also, I’m not sure but the camera and flash appear to be quite closer than normal. (at least in comparison to iPhone 5’s backplate).

Another set of photos shows the new chip (that was leaked a few days back) and the corresponding screw markups on the case. Apparently, the idea is to show that they match to lend some authenticity to the whole thing. Whatever it is, it looks like the budget iPhone thing is heating up.

Budget iPhone Plastic Back Panel Leaked

The budget iPhone won’t hit the market until September/October – when it is coincidentally the time for iPhone 5S to hit the stands too. The rumored price for the budget iPhone is about $330 although some experts believe that the “budget” iPhone won’t be as cheap.

As for the features, nothing is as yet being speculated other than a previous-version of the processor.

What do you think? Is it n Apple’s best interest to launch a cheaper iPhone?

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