iPhone 5/5s wallet cases are actually cool. Yes, they’re unlike other usual polycarbonate cases that are thin and light-weight but there’s one particular advantage with these wallet cases: you get to carry around your cards and money with your iPhone’s case so there’s no need for the bulky wallet. (Here is the list of Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases)

Since iPhone 4, wallet cases have been quite popular. A niche market exists for this particular product and a handful of people are very intent on getting the wallet case for their iPhones. A lot of companies, naturally, are involved in making such cases.

iPhone 5 Wallet Cases

We took a stroll through the market and got hold of a list of good to extremely good iPhone 5/5s wallet cases. Here’s to you:

Best iPhone 5s/5 Wallet Cases:

#1. Sport by Dock Artisan

Sport by Dock Artisan iPhone 5s Wallet Case
Dock Artisan’s Sport is a leather wallet case for iPhone 5/5s. It is set to launch this month (Feb)  and the coolest thing about it is that it’s a better version of the BookBook iPhone 5/5s wallet case. One big issue with wallet cases is the bulk and that’s something Sport seems to solve almost beautifully. The iPhone with its snap-on case can actually be removed from the wallet case (it hooks on via magnets). And the finishing is just awesome.

Price: $59.99 ($29.88 on Amazon.com)
You can buy it from Dockartisan.com or Amazon.com.

#2. iWallie

iWallie iPhone 5 Case

iWallie is one of the very best of the wallet cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Cut exquisitely and stitched with bonded leather, you get a particularly high quality work here. The case features a few cut-ins to let you keep the cards and cash. The iPhone 5/5s lodges into the case perfectly and is quite safe. There’s a cutout for the camera, obviously. Tops our list of the best buy in the wallet case category.

Price: $34.97 with free shipping ($29.97 on Amazon).
Buy iWallie from iWallie.com or Amazon.com.

#3. iFlip

iflipwallet Case for iPhone 5

iFlip cases are a little bulkier than, say, iWallie. However, they more than make up for it by being one of the sturdiest bonded leather wallet cases for the iPhone 5/5s. The case comes with a flip mode so everything you keep is safe and secure. About four cards and a few bills will fit into this perfectly.

Price: $39.99
Buy iFlip case

#4. BookBook for iPhone 5/5s

Book Book Case for iPhone 5

BookBook, obviously, needs no introduction. This iPhone 5/5s wallet case from TwelveSouth – the makers of some of the finest Apple-related accessories – is every bit the same BookBook thing that these guys have been producing for long. BookBook iPhone 5/5s case makes sure your iPhone is ultra-secure and then the things you keep in the wallet case is safe. Not to forget, the case itself looks like a miniature book. From the 19th century.

Price: $59.99
Buy BookBook case from TwelveSouth.com or Amazon.com.

#5. SmartFlex from Speck

Speck SmartFlex iPhone 5 Case

Speck products, as far as I’ve known, have a flair for interesting design. They’re mostly sleek and so is this one. The SmartFlex iPhone 5/5s case isn’t a complete wallet case but it does function as a partial-wallet. Which means, you can carry a few cards and possibly a few bills tucked into the SmartFlex wallet case for iPhone 5/5s. There are a few color options to choose from and the case is generally stronger than most other wallet cases.

Price: $34.95 ($24.99 on Amazon)
Buy SmartFlex case from SpeckProducts.com or Amazon.com.

#6. CaseCrown Pathway Wallet

CaseCrown Pathway Wallet for iPhone 5

CaseCrown is by far the most accommodative wallet case for your iPhone 5/5s. It has a thin design so it’s sleek naturally. The case holds on to the iPhone pretty strongly. The case can accommodate a lot of your cards and cash and the snap-on works best in making sure everything is protected. Unlike the iWallie or iFlip though you can’t access the iPhone without opening the wallet case.

Price: $34.95 ($15.00 on Amazon)
Buy CaseCrown case from CaseCrown.com or Amazon.com.

#7. Sewell Direct Monk From Sewell

Sewell Direct Monk Book-Style Wallet Case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5

The Sewell Direct Monk is a book style wallet case made with quality synthetic leather. The case features pockets for cards and cash. Besides, it has a separate window pocket for ID. It lets you have a comfortable access to your touch screen.

It exhibits a camera hole that allows a hassle-free access to iSight camera. The case has a professional profile that may not be attractive to all. However, if you consider its utility into account, it will stand up to the mark.

Price: $49.99 ($27.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon.com.

8. Wally for iPhone 5/5s

Simple and Functional Card Case for iPhone

Wally is actually not a full-fledged case. Instead, it’s a stick-on that aims to simplify your life. Rushing to the grocer’s? You don’t have to pick your wallet and your iPhone. With Wally on, you can keep a few cards and bills in the Wally pouch that sticks onto the back of the iPhone. Made of high-quality Italian leather.

Price: $40.00
Buy Wally from here or Amazon

Update: Here are some of the coolest wallet cases for iPhone 5s/5.

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