We’ve been taking a look at some of the best iPhone 5 cases of different types and categories and posting about them on our blog. You can find cheap iPhone 5/5s cases that are under $20 (but of good quality, no doubt) or the ones with the kickstand so you can watch movies on your iPhone 5 easily. Or if you’re looking for some stylish, designer cases, we covered them too.

But what’s the best of them all?

It’s a tough call to choose the best so we sat down, picked our favorites (because each one values style, design, function and every other feature differently) and came up with this list of best cases from across a variety of “types”. If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 5 case, but aren’t sure of what type to go with, this list might be helpful.

Best iPhone 5 Cases

7 Best iPhone 5 Cases

1. Sturdy, Stylish, Bulky Protector: Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5

Otterbox is known for its Defender series of iPhone cases. The ones they’ve released for iPhone 5 are undeniably of the same quality that you’d expect from Otterbox: bulky, strong and sturdy and a functional design that doesn’t get in the way of usability.

Cost: $24.95
Buy Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Case

2. Affordable, Minimal and Stylish: Belkin View Case

Belkin View Case for iPhone 5The Belkin View Case is one of our top favorites. It’s one of the most simple, elegant and minimal iPhone 5 cases. But more than that, it’s a stylish case too. Unlike most minimal cases, the Belkin View comes with a relishing design. The case is flexible, easy on the grip, and has a TPU frame offering bevel that offers a bumper-like protection.

Cost: $19.99
Buy Belkin View Case

3. Even More Minimal: Elago Slim Fit 2

Elago S5 Slim Fit 2 for iPhone 5sIn continuation of our love for minimal cases, the Elago Slim comes next. It’s a plain design case which has two purposes: be thin, be strong. It’s also very affordable (Elago cases sold on Amazon are very cheap). The case is a perfect solution if you’re looking for something professional and yet, light-weight and slim.

Cost: $9.99
Buy Elago Slim

4. Style and Simplicity: Belkin Shield Pastels Case

Belkin Shield Pastels Case for iPhone 5Belkin Shield series is one of the finest cases in terms of stylish designs and a simple framework. The case is as clean as you’d expect with some really cool, abstract designs on the back. The polycarbonate cases are very flexible that makes it easy to fit them on the iPhone 5 and they’re quite strong too.

Cost: $29.99
Buy Belkin Shield Pastels Case

5. Animal Skins: Skinit Cases

Skinit Animal Prints for iPhone 5

Skinit’s Animal Skin iPhone 5 cases are cool, stylish and perfect for flaunting. The concept is somewhat old-school but on a taller iPhone, the cases look absolutely stunning. There are a variety of options on the type of animal skin you want your iPhone 5 to be flaunting. And of course, the cases are of good quality to offer a good level of protection.

Cost: $24.95
Buy Skinit iPhone 5 Cases

6. Ultra-thin And Stylish: Poetic Atmosphere

Poetic Atmosphere iPhone 5 Case

Poetic Cases for the iPhone 5 are truly poetic and aesthetic in their design sense. When we were looking for ultra-thin cases for the iPhone 5, this one caught our attention amidst a host of other boring slim iPhone 5 cases. Truth be told, this should actually be on top of Elago cases (but they’re cheaper!). The Poetic Atmosphere case is a fantastic iPhone 5 case if you’re looking for thin and lightweight iPhone 5 cases.

Cost: $24.95
Buy Poetic Atmosphere

7. A Kickstand Case: MiniSuite

MiniSuite iPhone 5 Case with KickStand

And finally, an utility case that lets you prop your iPhone 5 to be able to watch movies without holding the device. The MiniSuite is a simple, elegant and perfect iPhone 5 case with a stand that also comes with an excellent bumper-like design to protect your iPhone. It’s made of flexible lightweight rubber that is quite strong.

Cost: $9.90
Buy MiniSuite iPhone 5 Case

So those were our picks for the best iPhone 5 cases for the moment. What’s your pick? Let us know in the comments.

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