Somehow, iPhone 5/5s car chargers seem to be quite costly. The lightning dock looks like the culprit and if you’re looking for an authentic, complete set from the big guys, you’re looking at shelling out anywhere between $25 and $40. (Here is a list of Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Car Chargers.)

The best option looks like this: if you’ve got an USB car charger already, you have the USB to lightning cable. Use them both and save your money. The same applies for people going to buy a new car charger for their iPhone 5/5s: buy a default USB car charger which powers from the cigarette lighter of your car and then get the USB-to-lightning connector.

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That said, we’ve still got people looking for a hassle-free solution. That’s where iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s car chargers come in. These are basically the same setup but if you’re looking for high-quality, go for brands. We’ve got a few of them listed here with all the information:

Best iPhone 5s Car ChargersHave a Look at Recommended Best iPhone 5/5s Car Chargers:

1). Incase
Incase Mini Car Charger with Lightning Cable
Incase’s default car charger for the iPhone 5/5s retails at $34.95. That’s on the Apple Store. It comes with the charging device and the lightning cable so that explains the price. Interestingly, I couldn’t find Incase’s iPhone 5/5s car charger on Amazon. Their older dock connector car charger is on sale though. Nevertheless, Incase’s mini car charger is quite good. The dock has a 2.1Amp rating which means more power and faster charging.

Price: $29.95 ($18.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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2). Belkin

Belkin Car Charger for iPhone 5

If I remember correctly, Belkin was the first third-party manufacturer to produce a lightning-compatible car charger for the iPhone and the iPad. The charger is a standard issue: no bells and whistles here. One of the best out there, the Belkin iPhone 5/5s Car Charger (or better known as the Belkin Lightning Car Charger) costs $19.99 but on Amazon, you can buy it for $11.49. Read full review of Belkin iPhone 5/5S car charger.

Price: $19.99 ($11.49 on Amazon while writing this)
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3). Griffin

Griffin PoweJolt SE Car Charger

Griffin’s PoweJolt SE with lightning connector is one of the best car chargers for all lightning devices like the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and the iPad 4th gen. A coiled cable means it’s more true to the sense of a car charger. And like most other lightning car chargers, it’s powerful enough to charge your iDevice fast. Sells at $24.95.

Price: $24.99 ($16.49 on Amazon while writing this)
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4). Griffin Lightning Connector Cables

Griffin Lightning Connector Cables

Griffin also brings a $16.99 value lightning connector cables(USB-to-lightning). These are compatible with almost all USB-car chargers which have a powerful USB port. You’re looking at something like 2.1 A for faster charging and compatibility.

Price: $16.99
Buy it from or

5). Just Mobile Highway Duo

Just Mobile Highway Duo iPhone 5s Car Charger

Just Mobile Highway Duo is a special, dual-port in-car charger. The design commands a special mention: the charger features a coiled wire with a lightning end for your iPhone 5s/5 and new iPads. And the aluminum-head has a USB port so you can charge other gadgets too. This is useful if you’ve got other (older) iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones. The total output is rated at 2.1A.

Price: $39.95
Buy Just Mobile Highway Duo