A few weeks ago, Elias released the Call Recorder tweak to much excitement but ultimately, after many issues surrounding the legality of the tweak/feature, the developer himself pulled it down.

Now, we hear that the tweak is back as Audio Recorder. The features and functionality is same. You get to record calls on your iPhone 4S or 5 with the tweak. It puts a simple record button on the call bar and lets you record calls by tapping it.

Call Recorder (the initial name under which the Audio Recorder tweak was released) came up for a licensing fee of $3.99 paying which, you had the license and could use the tweak to record calls. The tweak works only with the iPhone 5 and 4S.

Audio Recorder Cydia Tweak

Even after the controversial take-down, Call Recorder continued to work for those who had installed it with a licensed copy.

Now, it looks like the developer has come back with Audio Recorder and with a solid backing from his lawyer, he has boldly put up the tweak for download on ModMyi repo. As always, you can purchase the tweak for $3.99 which procures a license for you.

Audio Recorder will play an information message when you start recording a call. This will alert/inform the other person on the call too. It is, in most countries, illegal to record calls without the consent of both the parties. While in some countries recording calls may still be legal – or in some cases, totally illegal – the developer has put his feet firmly on the ground.

Legal issues are still plaguing this particular feature because call recording is a breach of privacy. There can’t be apps related to call recording on the App Store and obviously, Cydia is the only way out. However, you must remember that if you’re using call recorder, you should be aware of the risks involved.

Audio Recorder is available on ModMyi.

It is compatible only with iPhone 4S and 5 and not with any older devices.

  • ArturoRevolloso

    Where can I find the files recorded with this app?

  • Infinite Loop

    var/mobile/Library/Application Support/UltimateCallRecorder

    • Gina Martin

      For me, the files appear to play only one half of the conversation. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Javier Romo

    Where are the files saved ?