Apple’s iOS Kicks Android in Mid-Air Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Apple’s iOS Kicks Android in Mid-Air Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Apparently, all that trash talk about Apple, iPhone, iPad and iOS is going out the window. A new infographic reveals what has been known for quite sometime: more people use iPads, iPhones and prefer iOS over Android. Or may be Android users do not prefer air travel at all.

Well, whatever it is that you want to believe in, this infographic shows that Apple’s devices are used more than Android devices. From browsing the web to checking email and social networks, iPhones and iPads beat Android devices by as much as three times. That’s THREE times, folks.

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InAir Internet Usage Infographic

You’ll notice that Apple’s devices steal as much as 73% of the share of in-flight gadgetry. Android, at about 26% comes next to it. One thing that’s clear is that Apple’s devices still rule the roost in the U.S. While the tech crowd has been talking b.s about Apple and its apparent stagnation (I do agree on this though; there’s a bad level of stagnation in innovation), it’s also clear that the iPhones and iPads still stand out. Be it their celebrity status or the simplicity of using these devices, Apple’s iDevice line-up is still standing strong with a large market share. Last week we heard that the iPhone 5 dominated the U.S marketplace despite stiff competition from Samsung’s Android smarties.

Interesting things you can gather from the infographic:

  1. IE comes at a surprising #2 for in-air browsers! I am still dumbfounded at this as I’m not quite sure of what tech drives this number. But all I can say is this comes from the 33% laptop users.
  2. 35% of users access the internet via their tablets and a 32% from smartphones. Tablet leads even laptops and that’s a clear trend in how portability matters a lot.
  3. The last piece of information is awesome and may be Android-fans would use this as an argument aimed at dethroning the iPhone and iPad. In 2011, Apple’s share was about 97% but it drops to 84% in 2013. In two years, Apple introduced nothing enormously spectacular (iPhone was in 2007, iPad was in 2010). But Android has had a string of awesome releases and yet, it has only been able to eat up some 13% off Apple’s share.

Do you use the internet in flight? If yes, what do you do? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: GoGoAir