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On September 9, Apple announced three products: the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are marked departures (in terms of screen size) for Apple, the truly new entrant is the “iWatch”.

Apple Watch Release Date and Price

Apple iWatch (officially, Apple Watch) is expected to be released in “early 2015″. Like we’ve said before, how early is “early” is anybody’s guess. The whole of Q1 2015 is early but we’re all expecting the Apple Watch to hit the stands in January.

What’s “Early” 2015?

Except the WWDC and iPhone’s announcement, Apple’s product announcement time-lines/life-cycles have been changing around a bit. If you take the case of the iPad, these initially hit the market in March but the recent upgrade cycle has been shifted to October.

It’s harder to predict Apple Watch’s release date under these circumstances, specifically because there are no upcoming events/conferences in “early” 2015. Unless, of course, Apple thinks about an iPad refresh in the months of Jan-Feb-Mar.

Nevertheless, January sounds like a very plausible time for an iWatch release date. Over the next few days/weeks, we’ll probably have data from supply chain that could bolster this (or not).

Taking a cue from the Original iPhone

The launch of Apple Watch is so reminiscent of the original iPhone. In January (2007), Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. It took them two years (or perhaps more) to get there by which time there were a huge amount of rumors (even by 2000s standard).

Rumors about the iWatch began at least two years ago, and in 2013, Bloomberg’s report kickstarted a giant wave of speculation. We’re here today, just shy of two years after that.

The original iPhone – although announced in January – was released only in June that year. Six months.

Apple does seem to be equipped and ready to ship the Apple Watch before six months from now. That’s one of the reasons a January 2015 release seems very much plausible.

How much will Apple iWatch cost

The price tag on the Apple Watch officially starts at $349. This is for the lowest-rung model: possibly the Apple Watch Sports edition. Note that the Apple Watch comes in a variety of models.

  • Two sizes: 1.5″ and 1.7″
  • Three models: Watch, Watch Sport, Watch Edition (the luxury-type)
  • Six different cases/frames

Different band/strap styles for each of the three models.

(if you are looking for specific rumors and information about Apple Watch features, jump to this page).

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