The most-anticipated product of 2015 Apple Watch is going to launch in April-2015. Ever since its announcement in September last year, it has been hogging the limelight with both media and fans have been awaiting its full-fledged release. Also make sure to read Apple Watch Features.

Apple Watch Release Date and Price

Apple Watch Release Date and Price

Though the exact date and price haven’t been decided as yet, it is widely believed that it may hit the floor in March. As for price, the Apple Watch will start with $349. And if the rumour mills are to be believed, it would range around $400.

Three Different Editions

The watch will come in three editions. Watch (aluminium), Watch Sport (fashionable stainless), Watch Edition (luxe gold). The three distinctive varieties will make sure everyone can pick it as per their need or usability. It’s also a way to reach all class and segments.

The watch will arrive in two different sizes-1.5″ and 1.7″. Besides, it will be in six different cases/frames with different band/strap styles for each of the three models.

Integrated With iOS Features

The watch will be integrated with iOS features. Hence, the users will be able to use it in sync with their compatible iPhone/iPad. As of now, there isn’t much clarity regarding what sort of unique features it will come with which users haven’t got to see in their iOS devices. It is one thing that is largely believed to be one of the prime reasons why there is lack of interest on the part of prospective buyers.

According to media report, the watch will require to be powered up every night. In this case, the battery has to be beefed up a little so that users don’t find any constrain in using it with ease.

Taking a cue from the Original iPhone

The launch of Apple Watch is so reminiscent of the original iPhone. In January (2007), Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. It took them two years (or perhaps more) to get there by which time there were a huge amount of rumors (even by 2000s standard).

Rumors about the iWatch began at least two years ago, and in 2013, Bloomberg’s report kickstarted a giant wave of speculation. We’re here today, just shy of two years after that.

The original iPhone – although announced in January – was released only in June that year. Six months.