Alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Part Photos Leaked

Alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Part Photos Leaked

This is it. This is where it starts.

Like iPhone 4, and then 4S and then 5, leaked parts are going to spark the intense rumor, debate and more surrounding the next iPhone release. This time around, it’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 – two rumored names for the next iPhone to be released this year., the popular French news website that had called the shots on iPhone 5 sometime before the actual release of the device, has posted a couple of blurry photos (permit me to add, crappy) that show, purportedly, speaker enclosures of two distinct devices thought to be iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S iPhone 6 Leaked Parts Photos

I am at a loss for words because this can either be really crappy news that doesn’t warrant a write-up but with a track record like that of, things can be quite true too. However, the leaked photos that appear to have emerged from the Chinese sources appear so blurry that any legitimate or credible research into it seems a waste of time.

And yet, here we are, writing about the leaked part photos.

iPhone 5S iPhone 6 Leaked Parts

On MacRumors, where emotions usually run high and fast, one user commented: EXIF data shows the photo was taken using a “Potato.” That pretty much sums up my thought on the whole thing.

News about a speaker enclosure part that belongs to iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is, for the average Joe, absolutely useless. But since this is the first of the large-scale rumors that you are going to start hearing, we wanted to give you a heads up.

One thing that can be noted is that the speaker enclosures are different from that of iPhone 5. There are two of these labeled iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 which in itself indicates that Apple would be producing two distinct devices: a claim that we’re not making and we’re very very skeptical about.

As regards the iPhone 5S launch date (or iPhone 6 for that matter), our eyes are set for a June time frame. Anything earlier, like March, we’re not exactly paying attention to that. Unless Apple does an iPad 4 trick with the iPhone.