You probably heard enough of the new leaks of an iPhone 5S logic board photo from iOSDoc. Folks at 9To5Mac have done a somewhat-detailed analysis of the thing and turns out – not so surprisingly – that it’s fake.

I see a lot of fluff going on in this part of the world. After initial rumors about an upgraded iPhone 5 – called the iPhone 5S without any particular reason – began emerging from analysts’ notes to investors, the tech crowd has spiced things up. We had some backplate photos leaked from Nowhereelse a few weeks ago. Then there was the talk about Peter Misek’s analysis going wrong most of the time (despite the fact that he was the only guy who got the iPhone “4S” nomenclature right).

Let’s take a look at what’s really happening here.

iOSDoc put up pictures of what it claimed to be iPhone 5S’s logic board containing what’s apparently the A7-chip. The photo came from a source which wasn’t mentioned and the blurry picture appeared real. It had all the markings of an iPhone logic board but there was only one problem to the whole thing: it had all the resemblances to an iPhone 5 logic board containing the A6 chip. iPhone5s A7 LogicboardSo Today’siPhone zoomed in on the chip to reveal some visible inconsistencies in the kerning of the characters “A7” while a comparison image from 9To5Mac showed the “shadowy details”, pun specifically intended. Overall, the whole case is finally closed as fake and the internet community mulls over it.

Fakes have always been called out pretty fast. Exceptions exist like that time when someone designed deceptively realistic “iPhone 5” mockups and gave them to Engadget as purported prototype leaks. Several people bought the story only to realize the folly played by some young designer who posted them on Flickr finally.

The iPhone 5S logic board thing, however, sparks the debate on the A7 chip. It’s not clear whether there will be an iPhone 5S in the first place but if it exists, would Apple upgrade the chip to A7?

I personally think the next iPhone would be the iPhone 6 coming up sometime in June with the A7 chip, of course. That makes more product sense. However, with Jobs gone, it looks like Apple might base (some of) its decisions on market competition rather than pure love for designing awesome products.